IMM (24): Vlog

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Big Thanks to Kristi from The Story Siren for this great theme.

Bought from Borders Closing Sales:
~ Breathless
~ Megan’s Mark
~ Harmony’s Way
~ Tanner’s Scheme
~ Dawn’s Awakening
~ Dark Desires After Dusk
~ Just a Hint Clint
~ Seize the Night
~ Double Cross
~ Forest of Hands and Teeth
~ Masquerade
~ Revelations

Happy Reading, Let me know what you got in your mailbox!



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  1. Sakura Sandra

    Which author was it for Breathless? I know there are multiple books named that, but one of them is on my wishlist and I'm interested to know if they're one in the same.

    Good choices this week and you brought home quite the treasure load from the Border's sale! Poor Borders, but it was their fault for not keeping up when the ereader fight began. They should've invested a bit more into that department and perhaps they could've competed. They used to be my favorite book store too, but it was mostly because of all the weird stuff you could get there besides the books themselves and then I realized that was really just the first sign of their troubles lol. Selling books alone wasn't enough for them even years ago. 🙁 Oh well, B&N shall have to have my book money now. Ttyl!

  2. WildIrishRose33

    Thanks for dropping by my blog too! I hate that borders is closing. 🙁 There is only one other store that I can think of in my town besides Walmart and Target that sell books. 🙁 And it's supposedly an "indie" store. I dunno.
    Hope you get your hands on some more books before it closes completely!

  3. AtenRa @ Just Another Book Blog

    So sad to hear that so many Borders are closing 🙁

    Good thing you got some great books, though 😀
    Enjoy 🙂

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