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Big thanks as always to Kristi at The Story Siren for this great weekly theme.

Bought from Borders:
~ Trial by Fire
~ Under Fire
~ Hidden Fire
~ Line of Fire
~ Ride the Fire
~ Heat Seeker
~ Renegade
~ Deadly Fear
~ Flat Out Sexy
~ Animal Magnetism
~ Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right
~ Halfway to the Grave
~ One Foot in the Grave
~ No Rest for the Wicked

Let me know what you got this week. 🙂
Happy Reading!



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  1. Elodie

    I've only read the first two books in The Night Huntress series and I loved them .. I so have to order the next ones !! =)
    Happy reading 😉

  2. The Book Vixen

    Oooh, the Firefighters of Station Five series is goooood! Hope you enjoy 🙂

    Recently read Deadly Fear. Great romantic suspense read.

    The Fast Track sexy is a great contemporary romance series. I can't wait for The Chase and Slow Ride to come out.

    I've heard good things about Animal Magnetism. I need to get that one.

    Great haul!!

  3. Mandi

    Ohhh a lot of books this week! I really need to The Night Huntress series. I have heard a lot of good things about them!

    My IMM


  4. Alexa

    Elodie- I have only read book one and I'm starting to think in just one book I'm hooked 🙂

    The Book Vixen- I know I have heard the firefighters were good books. Thanks for letting me know how great all of these books are it helps knowing I picked out some good stuff.

    Mandi-You should give the Night Huntress series a shot, I did because everyone was talking about it and so far I'm not let down by it.

    Sakura- Oh I got Hex Hall too but that was for next IMM post. I'm reading it right now but it is just a copy cat of Harry Potter so far, the characters are far less complex than J.K's though. I have read Wings and I say the first story is good but I didn't fall in love with the series until Spells.

    Thank you to all of you for stopping by it means a lot to me.

  5. I Eat Words

    Oh wow, thanks for the heads up Alexa! That's so cool that she lives in Phoenix! If I end up liking Wings, I'll probably get the second 🙂 Do you know if the movie production part of it is true?

    Let me know if you go to BEA! 🙂 Right now I'm looking at renting an apartment with 6 other girls–haha. NYC is EXPENSIVE.

  6. Sakura Sandra

    I agree about Hex Hall, but maybe that's why I liked it: I miss Harry Potter lol. I hope there is more story and character development in the next one. I already bought it, so I'm committed to reading it now!

    I wanted to read something different for my next review though, so I started Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and it's really good so far. I read almost 100 out of 400+ pages though, so I can only attest to the first quarter of the book.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I am so surprised in all I've done in just two weeks! I guess I should've been blogging a long time ago, because I really enjoy it and my friends and followers seem to like reading it too! It's pretty awesome. Thanks for being my blogging inspiration. 🙂

  7. Alexa

    Sandra- Loved Jennifer's other book called A Northern Light. I finally got a copy of Revolution recently through a trade so I'm excited to read that since I know I enjoyed her other book.

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