Horror of Romance: Flavor of the Month by Tori Carrington

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We all know Romance gets a bad rap. We hide our book covers and are sometimes embarrassed when we’re discovered reading them in the dark corners of our libraries. Yes, romance novel haters are out there and of course we fear their judgment. So that brings us to The Horror of Romance. What is the Horror of Romance? Well, here we’ll examine why romance novels are so funny to so many people…including the people who read them.

DISCLAIMER: Our jokes are in no way shape or form judging the quality of the book or the author. Remember, this is all for fun!

Today’s Victim: Flavor of the Month by Tori Carrington

Lisa’s Thoughts: Oh dear. Another horrific romance cover in our midst. I bet this was a lovely day on set for these models. That poor male model…what is that supposed to be on his face? Here’s what I see: Some guy trying to put shaving cream on his face (his whole face for some reason, not just his chin) gets a little carried away but then faints. Some vampiric looking blondie comes along and tries to eat him! Ack! No, that’s probably not the case here, but still it looks creepy. I know what they are trying to imply by trying to relate the cover to the title, but sexy fun with food cannot be told from the neck up. Am I right or am I right? And while we’re at it, what’s with the eerily creepy smile the guy has on his face? It’s a smile that screams ‘I’m just trying to look like I enjoy this, but this stuff on my face is starting to burn.’ I’m sure you’re asking yourself the question I’ve been asking myself since I first saw this cover…What the heck is this? Then there’s another part of me that says, I really don’t want to know nor do I need to know.

Stephanie’s Thoughts: Wow. I don’t know that this cover could be more bad if it tried. I think the biggest problem is the fact that the whipped cream is on his face! I’m sorry but smothering some one’s face in Cool Whip and then licking it off just does not seem like much of a turn on. I think we all know where the Cool Whip really goes and it’s not on the face! The next thing that doesn’t seem quite right is the expression on the man’s face. Does he look like a man lost in ecstasy? Like he this is exactly what he needed to be turned on? To me it looks more like he’s getting a back massage with that dopey grin on his face, not a man in the throes of passion. What do you think?!



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