Horror of Romance: A Kiss In the Dark by Jenna Mills

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We all know Romance gets a bad rap. We hide our book covers and are sometimes embarrassed when we’re discovered reading them in the dark corners of our libraries. Yes, romance novel haters are out there and of course we fear their judgment. So that brings us to The Horror of Romance. What is the Horror of Romance? Well, here we’ll examine why romance novels are so funny to so many people…including the people who read them.

DISCLAIMER: Our jokes are in no way shape or form judging the quality of the book or the author. Remember, this is all for fun!

Today’s Victim: A Kiss In the Dark by Jenna Mills

Lisa’s Thoughts: Do not adjust your computer monitors. The image you see will not improve no matter what you do! HA! This cover reminds me of all the photos my mom took before we had digital photography. The ones with double exposure, bad lighting…you know the ones where you can barely tell who the person in the photo is, even if that person is you? Which I guess since all those photographers are surrounding the couple is the look they’re going for, but I can’t say that I like it. The cover feels messy and unfinished, not to mention blurry! Does anyone want to read a book with a blurry cover? Does this spell intrigue and mystery for anyone? What if the cover was two models kissing, or almost kissing, in a somewhat dark setting? I like that AND it relates to the title! Woot!

Stephanie’s Thoughts: Um, this looks like anything BUT a kiss in the dark! The hands that they’re holding up make it look like they’re trying to ward you off from reading the book at all. “Please, don’t open the cover!” “Ma’am, it’s best that you step away.” They also look like they are slightly confused on how they are supposed to feel. The man looks slightly annoyed but the girl looks like she might think that all the photography is ridiculous. Neither looks like they are scared which I thought was the way all Intimate Moments covers were supposed to look. Maybe not? Plus neither looks like they have what it takes to commit a crime of passion which is what the small front cover blurb alludes to. I’m sure this is a great read, it’s just got a bad cover!



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  1. ladystorm

    Thats a horrible cover, if I was the author I would protest..ugh, the poor book. 🙂

  2. ladystorm

    Thats a horrible cover, if I was the author I would protest..ugh, the poor book. 🙂

  3. Jenna Mills

    LOL! My little girl just ran across this page while googling my name. As the author, let me assure you, I protested. Loudly. And cried. And drank a bunch of wine. SO not the cover I was anticipating with that uber-awesome title!!!

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