Review: Act Like We’re In Love by Christi Barth

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Linnea Larson has an appreciation for the stage and theatrical arts. What she doesn’t appreciate are Hollywood hunks who storm into small towns and think they have the talent to sing and act on stage. Living above her family owned theater is Linnea’s idea of heaven and she can hardly contain her excitement as preparations begin for the theater’s next production of Guys and Dolls. Except Linnea discovers her new leading man is none other than Luke Powell, famous movie star and utterly gorgeous man. Linnea initially dislikes him, yet can’t help but melt every time he’s around. He can’t seem to ignore the sparks they make either, and the first time they sing together proves their attraction is irresistible. But Linnea’s life is on the small stage and Luke’s is on the big screen. Once the show’s run is over, will they stick around for a second run….or will the curtains close on their relationship forever?

It’s the contemporary romances that have a lot of heart that thrill you the most. The ones with the quirky, loving characters that all romance readers can relate to. Act Like We’re In Love by Christi Barth is one of those novels. A light hearted journey in the backstage of a theater romance, this novel is a fun, sexy and fabulous.

Act Like We’re In Love has two characters who create enough steam to knock your socks off. The sparks between Linnea and Luke are undeniably sexy and powerful. The pages certainly sizzle with their steamy kisses and playful games of seduction. After the heat dies down, this is what you will get with Christi Barth’s novel…it’s not a dramatic novel with villains and disaster, but a simple story that explains how two individuals meet underneath the bright lights of the stage.

As for the characters, although in some parts Linnea was quick to judge, I enjoyed her characters and personality very much. She wasn’t immediately falling all over him because he was a gorgeous celebrity, but only fell for him after she came to know him better. Of course, I’m sure Luke being gorgeous didn’t hurt either! As for Luke, some chapters I loved him and others he annoyed me somewhat. It was enjoyable to read a character who lived life in the spotlights of Hollywood, but didn’t conform to the negative image. Rejected the whole lifestyle, really. He has his imperfections, while most of them are endearing, sometimes the ‘womanizer’ image came on just a little too strong. It didn’t really mesh with the Luke the reader comes to know at the end…the endearing, caring actor who falls hard for this sensational stage actress.

Barth has fun and quirky secondary characters that light up the page. The secondary love story between Wed and Ingrid was as enjoyable as the one between Luke and Linnea. Their ending is a mystery and I can only hope their happily ever after is revealed in Barth’s future work. While most of the characters were fantastic, Linnea’s parents were a huge disappointment. For two people in an, for all intents and purposes, overtly happy business, they were dry and miserable and certainly not supportive of their daughter in any aspects of her life. Linnea had such a passion for her family’s theater and the stage but after getting to know her parents, it became difficult to understand why.

Act Like We’re In Love is certainly not an ‘edge of your seat’ adventure, but a charming contemporary love story. Readers will find a great story filled with witty characters, funny situations, and passionate romance all placed within the unique backdrop of live theater. Act Like We’re In Love is a very enjoyable read…one you will not regret trying!



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