Horror of Romance: No String Attached by Judy Gill

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We all know Romance gets a bad rap. We hide our book covers and are sometimes embarrassed when we’re discovered reading them in the dark corners of our libraries. Yes, romance novel haters are out there and of course we fear their judgment. So that brings us to The Horror of Romance. What is the Horror of Romance? Well, here we’ll examine why romance novels are so funny to so many people…including the people who read them.

DISCLAIMER: Our jokes are in no way shape or form judging the quality of the book or the author. Remember, this is all for fun!

Today’s Victim: No Strings Attached by Judy Gill

Lisa’s Thoughts: Hmmm…no strings attached? Okay, but first let me take my shirt off and make sure my camera’s ready. I want to tape this so I can have something permanent from this ‘non-committal’ relationship! WTF??? As clueless as I am about this book, I’m assuming the camera has something to do with the hero’s career? Maybe? Hope so? But it’s his face that just gives me chills! Does he not have that ‘I’m a stalker’ expression? Maybe that’s what his T-shirt said and he figured it was best to take that off. Don’t want to scare off the local folk. This is the first time I’ve looked at a cover and been really curious about the other side. I want to know what he’s looking at! If it’s career related, maybe he’s an animal photographer. Maybe all this ‘stalkerish’ talk is for nothing and he’s really just filming two horses getting it on. Maybe that’s why he has that far away and somewhat…whimsical expression? HA!

Stephanie’s Thoughts: Is it just me or does this guy look really, really creepy? We can’t see what it is he’s filming but the design team assumed that we would think a) it’s legal and b) it’s moral. I’m thinking it’s neither. He has one whacked out look on his face and maybe it’s just the lighting but does he look like he’s really enthusiastic about what he’s doing? It could just be that one leg of the tripod makes it look bad but between the look on his face and the look of his…..um, naughty bits, I’m guessing he’s being very naughty!



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