6 Month Anniversary Bash Post: My Favs

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Huge thanks to all of my guest posters, now I thought I would share some of my favorite books.

Teen Books:
Perfect Chemistry grabbed my attention right for the start and I believe I finished it in 2 days. The story of two people who are not suppose to fall in love but do anyways was perfect. I loved Alex and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance story.

Kissed by an Angel is a book that I read about 5 years ago and I still love this story. It has a little bit of everything, romance, mystery, angels, and love. The characters are great and at some points you will be crying and at others you will be scared and at some point you will be happy. I love books that make you feel so many emotions all within one story. There is going to finally be another story called Evercrossed out in March, I have been waiting for 5 years for it so I can’t wait.

A Time for Dancing is another book I read a while back that I just love. It is a tear-jerker so be prepared but the story is beautiful. You will appreciate all of the friends that you have in your life that you could never imagine losing.

Adult Books:
Honestly, if you have not read the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series you are missing out on something great. I love this whole series and I re-read the books constantly. My favorite book is book number five, Lover Unbound. This one is about the brother V and the woman Jane that he falls for. V is tough and has a bond fetish but he is great. The whole series if full of love and action.


Wild Card is a book that finishes off one of Lora Leigh’s series and
moves us into the next one. I just love Noah’s character as well as his wife. This book is one of those great heartbreaking romances, it will leave you crying out at one point and leave your heart full the next.



3 Responses to “6 Month Anniversary Bash Post: My Favs”

  1. Elodie

    I loved Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction was pretty good too but I'm definitely Team Alex … =)

  2. MoonStar

    I will put Perfect Chemistry and Kissed by an angel on my TBR list 🙂 They sound awesome.

    And I have to agree.. For those who haven´t read Brotherhood of the Black Dagger.. They should really get to it 😛 It is my favorite series 😀

  3. Alexa

    Elodie- I have to agree with you but I can't wait for book three.

    Moonstar- You really should read both Perfect Chemistry and Kissed by an Angel, they are both so different from each other but so good. BDB is my favorite series as well, who wouldn't want a yummy brother. 🙂

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