Killing Floor by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*


First Sentence: I was arrested at Eno’s diner.

Super Brief Review: Amazing thriller that was incredibly hard to walk away from.

Favorite Quotes: Stevenson still on the ball with the pump-action.

“We got us a situation here, Mr. Reacher,” Finlay said. “A real situation.”

Layers of fences separated with plowed red earth. Hubble didn’t look up. I didn’t nudge him. It wasn’t the Magic Kingdom up ahead. – Jack Reacher on going to prison

After twenty years in Boston and six months in Margrave, there wasn’t a whole lot left that Finlay was ever going to raise an eyebrow at.

Slightly Longer Review: You know that you have a great book when you actually forget that the main protagonist is not the author. Jack Reacher was so real to me that I have a hard time remembering that Lee Child has written his story. Jack is a loner but he has a strong sense of justice. Luckily for him he is no longer tied to any agency and therefore is not held back by policy and red tape.

Jack makes a decision to hop off a Greyhound bus at a clover leaf exchange and make a trip down to Margrave, GA. It came close to being the worst mistake of his life. Jack is arrested and thrown in a cell. Apparently he murdered someone last night. Didn’t matter that he was in Florida at the time of the murder. He bides his time thinking that it is only a matter of time before they realize they have the wrong man. Jack is around long enough though to realize that something isn’t quite right in Margrave. He’s enjoying his freedom and doesn’t want to get caught up in business that means nothing to him. That is until Jack Reacher is taken by complete surprise (a difficult feat) and personally drawn into it.

Lee Child is brilliant. I don’t think I can put it any other way. The man deserves all the praise you’ve read about. I didn’t have anything figured out until Jack Reacher himself started explaining it to me. It was amazing. I kept thinking: “There’s something that will go wrong with this book. Some plot line left unresolved, something that will go unexplained.” I am so satisfied with this book that I can’t wait to devour the rest! I gave this book an adults only rating because it is gory and violent and there were parts that made me flinch. If you love a good thriller and have somehow missed Lee Child, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy today!

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