Review: Vow of Deception by Angela Johnson

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Angela Johnson has another gem on her hands with Vow of Deception. Dramatic, passionate and endearing, this novel is a great read!

Sir Rand Montague is an honorable knight always seeking to serve King and country, even if he may not agree with the request. When he is ordered to escort Rosalyn Harcourt back to court so the King may arrange her next marriage, Rand must obey even if he knows marriage is the last thing Rosalyn desires. Rosalyn’s late husband was very cruel to her and she wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her days taking care of her lands and her son, but she must obey the King’s orders and return with Rand.

When they arrive at court, Rosalyn discovers she is to marry Sir Golan in two days. When Golan attacks Rosalyn before their wedding, Rand steps in determined to protect Rosalyn and marry her instead. Marriage will not solve all of their problems, though. Both Rosalyn and Rand have insecurities they refuse to share with one another and both have enemies that refuse to leave them alone. Secrets and suspicions are weighing heavily on both of them, not to mention the passion they never expected to feel for one another.

Vow of Deception had edge of your seat drama that made the book irresistible. The plot line was complex and intriguing, yet fascinating and romantic. Very early on, you will find a point in which you are unable to stop reading this novel until you finish it. Throughout the book, the pace moves quickly and has an emotionally intense ending. It is a story which lures you in, gives you everything and once it ends, you couldn’t ask for more.

The main characters in this romance were enthralling. Both the hero and heroine were complex and damaged by events in their past. You could form a true sympathy and relation with their struggles because Johnson outlines it all perfectly. It certainly isn’t a simple relationship to move through so be prepared for the intense journey of discovery as both characters fight their way through their insecurities. Rand and Rosalyn have a relationship that is developed with great care and gentility that any romance fan would adore. You also have villains that are dangerous and despicable but increase the overall appeal of the drama within the story. Overall, the novel has an amazing cast of characters with great chemistry and perfect dialogue.

You will certainly be able to enjoy Vow of Deception without reading Johnson’s debut novel Vow of Seduction. The characters from the previous novel make an appearance in this story, but it isn’t so complex that the reader would be lost starting with the second novel. Yet the richness of the relationships between all the characters, and their past, would be strengthened by having read the first novel.

This certainly isn’t a lush fairytale story, but a more realistic tale for this time period and setting. It deals with vengeful enemies, power struggles, arranged marriages, unexpected romance and treachery. The ending justifies the emotional journey and makes it a worthwhile and wonderful read. Vow of Deception has fantastic characters, thrilling drama, vivid descriptions and a romance worth dying for. This novel is an absolutely delightful read, one that you should not pass up.



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