Review: Taken By Midnight by Lara Adrian

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Jenna Darrow, former Alaskan State Trooper, tragically lost her husband and child in a car accident years ago. Now she finds herself coming to terms with another tragedy she survived. A rogue monster has attacked her and now she is changing into something unhuman and unknown. A group of warriors known as The Order, have given her shelter in order to figure out what exactly Jenna is. At first Jenna wants nothing more than to escape back to her quiet miserable life in Alaska, but a breath-taking warrior may change her mind.

Brock has failed people before, so he makes it his main goal to remain unattached. When Jenna is placed in his protection, he feels history repeating itself all over again and is determined not to fail this time around. As the enemy’s plans are unveiled, Brock and his fellow warriors fight to always stay one step ahead. Times are dangerous and destructive which is why Jenna is one distraction too many for Brock. She is growing stronger everyday and to Brock’s dismay…impossible to resist.

Paranormal romance doesn’t get more spicy than this! I have enjoyed the Breed series since it began and was truly excited for this latest installment. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. Taken By Midnight is another great novel bringing us closer to the ultimate showdown with the Breed’s enemy.

Adrian creates heroes that are so incredible sexy its sometimes unbearable! They are kick-ass, don’t take crap from anyone, kiss you senseless kind of heroes that will make you swoon. There is just something incredibly sexy about her heroes that is hard to resist. Lara doesn’t make them too soft and mushy with the romance, but still makes them the ultimate romantic alpha.

I have read paranormal romance series that drastically decrease in appeal after a few novels since they follow the same criteria or pattern with every novel. Adrian has somewhat similar story lines as far as her couples go, but it’s her development of the larger Order story, mainly their fight against the enemy, that makes the series so interesting. You truly feel that each couple is unique and stands out because of this because with each book, the individuality and importance of each character is shown. In Taken By Midnight, Brock and Jenna have many dimensions and experienced various levels of emotions and Adrian writes these characters perfectly.

Brock and Jenna do give me cause to worry though. Jenna is truly different and this was the first time I worried about the future of this couple. It’s horrible of me to say, I know….I should have more faith in their relationship, but I think any serious fan of the Midnight Breed series would agree. It’s a different set up and new, which means it’s not the same certainty and conclusions that come at the end of the other novels. Since we will be updated about their situation in future novels, I’m sure all will be well! New fans will enjoy this novel too. Adrian will painlessly get you up to speed about the story so far and take you into the history of all the warriors.

So here’s the short but simple truth; Taken By Midnight was an awesome read. Adrian is on a thrilling stride that shows no signs of slowing down. Her novels are sexy and intense drama that will hold you in suspense and passionate enough to curl your toes. Taken By Midnight is another great action packed novel in one of the best paranormal series out there!



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  1. Kristen My Bookish F

    I love Lara's series!! It is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for Hunters story Great review

  2. Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale

    I love Lara's series!! It is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for Hunters story Great review

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