Review: Open Secret by Janice Kay Johnson

First Sentence:

Super Brief Review:
A sweet story about adoption and how it affects the adopted even as adults.

Favorite Quotes:

Every time she walked in front of him, his gaze went right to the delicate line of her neck and back, her skin smooth and tinted with gold. A back shouldn’t be so provocative, but hers was.

Slightly longer review:
Open Secret is a sweet read. Mark Kinkaid is a private investigator hired by a woman to track down the two siblings that she lost as a young child. Mark specializes in reuniting adopted children with their biological families and is Suzanne’s last hope.

Mark finds Suzanne’s sister Linette, now known as Carrie St. John. Carrie knew nothing of her adoption before Mark stepped in. Our heroine is given a lot to handle early on in the book. Most of the book is spent on the drama of Carrie’s adoptive family, how Carrie feels and is dealing with the new discovery and her new sister. Very little time is actually spent on the development of the Mark and Carrie’s relationship. I could have easily handled the way that the author decided to handle this except for the ending. It felt a little too rushed. In the last 10 pages the entire conflict and relationship is resolved and ushered into an entire new level.

Overall, Open Secret is a sweet, intriguing read that will pass away an afternoon.

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