Review: Toil and Trouble by H P Mallory

Bella is still determined to be Queen of the Underworld. The big battle between Bella (Evil) vs. Rand (Good) is about to go down. Rand and his allies are coming together to train and to unite all of the paranormal species as one group. Jolie is learning more about herself and her powers.

Jolie is becoming stronger in her role as a very powerful witch. She’s also down to only two love interests. Rand and Sinjin are still vying for Jolie’s love. Jolie loves Rand but he can’t risk letting himself fall in love with her. For about half of the book Sinjin and Jolie really seem like they could be headed somewhere. Rand won’t let Jolie fight in the big battle and Sinjin helps her gain strength and experience. He also helps sneak her into the battle. During the battle Jolie is in grave danger when all of a sudden she finds herself in 1878. Getting herself back to her time reveals a lot more interesting story line aspects. I don’t want to get too detailed or it will spoil the story.

My Thoughts:
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, I knew that I would read the next book but wasn’t really anticipating it. I started out the book with reservations but H.P. Mallory has really grown as a writer. Toil and Trouble is evidence to this. Toil and Trouble is an awesome read for just $2.99. If you are going to pick it up, it is imperative that you read the first book or read a detailed review. This book picks up exactly where the last left off.

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