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Will Parker has had one hell of a life. Recently paroled for a murder he committed in defense of a friend’s safety, all he wants is a fresh start. After just being fired from another good job because of his criminal record, he moves on to search for the next opportunity. Amongst the want ads, he sees an unusual post: “Wanted – A Husband.” Thinking himself a fool, Will makes the trek to the top of Rock Creek Road to apply for the craziest job he’s ever heard of. When he arrives, he finds Ms. Eleanor Dinsmore on the front porch with two children in tow and a third one on the way. Anxious for a meal and a roof over his head, Will takes the biggest chance of his life.

Eleanor is desperate. Her young husband recently died leaving her with two children and pregnant with another mouth to feed. She needs help managing her farm and her children…she needs a husband. Will is certainly different from her departed husband Glendon, but after some time together, they realize they work very well together. Never mind the tender feelings they have for each other, Will and Eleanor are becoming a unique family. Like all families, this couple will be tested. Their happiness will be put up against a horrific war and if that isn’t enough, both will have to face their pasts in order to claim their future.

There are those stories which leave you mildly content after reading them and there are those that leave you looking like a fool with the biggest smile on your face. Morning Glory is the latter. This book will certainly warm your heart and make you a believer in overcoming the odds and happily ever after. The novel will take you on the journey of a sweet and poignant love story that you will treasure always. Will and Eleanor’s story is one that truly defines the term ‘second chances’ in life. You can’t help but admire these two emotionally sensitive and compassionate characters who change each other so drastically for the better. Two people who didn’t realize how truly lost they were until they found their other half.

One of the most charming aspects of this book was experiencing the inner thoughts of these characters. Spencer writes these thoughts right next to each other as to give light to the rejection they expect to find. Never did they expect to find feelings for each other, and utterly embarrassed to let the other one know, their awkward uncertainty was absolutely charming.

One kiss – is that so hard?
Just a kiss – please.
But what if she pushes you away?
What is there for him in a woman so pregnant she can scarcely waddle?
What woman wants a man with so many tramps under his bridge?
What man wants to roll up against someone else’s baby?
But most of them were paid, Elly, all of them meaningless.
Yes, it’s Glendon’s baby, but he never made me feel like this.
I’m unworthy.
I’m undesireable.
I’m unloveable.
I’m lonely.
Turn to her, he thought.
Turn to him, she thought.

This story takes place during World War II and you are taken through the effects it has on this new family. The heartache and uncertainty of war time cannot be pushed aside and takes a prominent position for a good part of the novel. This time period only makes the romance more dramatic and wonderful. You can’t escape the magic theses two have created when you experience the letters they write to one another. No matter what they go through, you are always surprised by the extent of their feelings for each other and how they display that affection.

Morning Glory was unlike anything I have ever read before. These two were such an unlikely couple, yet they needed each other so desperately, and you become addicted to reading about their story. So much so you never want the novel to end. Spencer crafts a story that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your heart. The story isn’t overtly passionate, but completely romantic. If you want a love story about two lost souls who overcome many obstacles to help each other find their way to a true family and happily ever after, then Morning Glory is the story for you.



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  1. Nina B.

    Hi! I haven't read this one but my Mom has Family Blessings by LaVyrle Spencer and I read that one and it's really great! That was where I also learned that Morning Glory was actually made into a movie – but I'm not sure if it's made for TV. I love your review, you obviously enjoyed the book 😀Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. Lisa Jo @ Once Upon

    I heard about the TV movie…I'll have to look into that and see if I can get my hands on a copy! I'll also look into Family Blessings…I'm very interested to read more of Spencer's work!

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