Horror of Romance: The Bewitched Viking by Sandra Hill

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We all know Romance gets a bad rap. We hide our book covers and are sometimes embarrassed when we’re discovered reading them in the dark corners of our libraries. Yes, romance novel haters are out there and of course we fear their judgment. So that brings us to The Horror of Romance. What is the Horror of Romance? Well, here we’ll examine why romance novels are so funny to so many people…including the people who read them.

Today’s Victim: The Bewitched Viking by Sandra Hill

Lisa’s Thoughts: Everyone run! It’s the attack of the mullet man! Actually though, the cover and the title make a lot of sense together, but it is still kinda creepy, no? He has that ‘stranger with candy’ look that says, ‘Come closer, I swear I won’t hurt you…” When really he’s a deranged serial killer. lol Does anyone think Vikings actually looked like this? I really don’t think it was possible for someone to be that buff during the Viking Age. I mean, I know they did a lot of daily work and were probably in great shape…but not this great. All I can picture right now is a boat full of guys like this, with their perfectly groomed mullets blowing in the wind…stripped down to just their tight fitting pants, exposing their steroid-like muscles. If you have the visual, you are probably laughing like I am at that thought. What I don’t get are these covers that have the models posing for the “reader” point of view. Am I supposed to buy it because I feel like he’s beckoning me? It that supposed to knock my socks off? Maybe another day…today, I think I have a headache!

Stephanie’s Thoughts: Oh God! I hope to hell he was bewitched while that cover shot was taken. I guess we are supposed to be distracted by the man boobs so we don’t notice that cheese-tastic smile he has plastered on his face! Why is he pointing at his face? In all honesty it isn’t a great face. His head almost looks out of place on his body. The poor man’s hair could use a trip to the barber shop as well. It’s awfully puffy in the front. If you’re into abs and ripped arms this man is for you. Be aware he looks like he’s a few crayons short of the full box.



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