Holiday Break Reading Challenge- Activity #7

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Today’s activity is to show off our book shelves and explain any kind of organization system we might have.
Here are some pictures of my shelves…
This first picture has books behind all of the front row that you see!

The first picture is my large wall unit that has mostly YA novels on it. 
The second picture is the shelf unit on my desk and it has all of my adult romance novels on it. 
The desk is not really big enough for my romance collection so some of them are on the wall unit. 
I also have another bookshelf in my other room but that one so far just has books that I have bought used. 
I’m a little strange with how I organize my books because for some reason I start with the author’s last name but I do it a bit backwards. Meaning normally people start with the letter A all the way on the left side and as you move to the right it moves through B, C etc. I have my shelves the opposite way. I start with letter A all the way on the right and move to B, C etc. going to the left. No clue why I do it that way but now that 300 books are organized that way I’m certainly not going to take them all down to change it.



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  1. Alexa

    Pixie- I'm a bit spoiled, I'm an only child so I have two rooms. In my second bedroom is all of my shelves and even that isn't enough room!

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