Holiday Break Reading Challenge Activity #14

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Holiday Break Reading Challenge
Today’s activity is to post our Top 10 Reads in 2010!
I am going to post my Top 10 reads that I read in 2010, not books that are just published in 2010 but ones that I read this year.
10. Married by Morning (2010) (Adult Romance)
I enjoyed this book because it is part of a great historical series that I love. I always enjoyed the witty banter between Leo and Catherine and this book continued that banter while we got to see Leo fall in love with a woman who he always meant to stay away from.
9. Forget You (2010) (YA Novel)
This story was just refreshing for me, it was a good contemporary novel which is hard to find now a days in the paranormal obsessed teen section of the bookstore. Plus I just easily fell in love with the characters, plus they are also swimmers and since I was on a team for 8 years I connected with that element of the book. You will fall for Doug just as quickly as Zoey does.
8. Splendor (2009) (YA Novel)
Honestly I had my ups and downs with this series. I thought the first two books to the Luxe Series were good but they didn’t amaze me. The third book finally captured my attention and by this book I was ready for some happy endings. At first I wasn’t happy about the way it ended for Diana but I slowly understood why it needed to be that way. I have a respect for this series that I didn’t gain until after I finished all four books.
7. Perfect Chemistry (2008) (YA Novel)
Seriously, how on earth did I wait until 2010 to read this! I loved this book and I also enjoyed Rules of Attraction, can’t wait for book three.
6. Love in the Afternoon (2010) (Adult Romance)
This was the fifth and final book in the Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas and I didn’t think I would like Beatrix’s story that much I ended up liking her story quite a lot. This is my second favorite book in the series after book one. My favorite quote from the book is “She wanted to be passionately loved….challenged…overtaken.”
Love in the Afternoon page 7
5. Mockingjay (2010) (YA Novel)
Who wasn’t looking forward to this book I have no clue. This book wasn’t exactly what I expected and with the huge lead up to the main event I was left feeling a little let down. However, this was another one where once it was over I had respect for the story. I understood why it had to end the way that it did and I knew Gale needed to move forward with his life in the way he did.
4. Lover Mine (2010) (Adult Romance)
Come on people it is JR Ward! Need I say more, well if you insist. To put it plain and simple this wasn’t my favorite book because that would be V and he will never be replaced. I thought the storyline was good in this book and I loved how we got to see more of the lives of the other characters again. It was great to catch up with all of the characters and your heart breaks a few times in this book.
3. Wild Card (2008) (Adult Romance)
I always go to Lora Leigh for a good steamy romance knowing that most of the time there isn’t much of a plot line. This book however breaks my heart because I connect so well with Sabella’s pain and confusion in this book. This book is beautiful and you can feel the love and connection between Noah and Sabella.
2. Crescendo (2010) (YA Novel)
I also read Hush, Hush this year and I fell in love with Patch, just like every girl in the world I’m sure. In this story I would have to say the romance was lacking but the mystery and edge to the story made me like it so much.
1. Vixen (2010) (YA Novel)
Just wow on this book, there was mystery, romance, and a historical feel that not many teen authors even try to pull off. In the roaring 20s three girls will try to find themselves and each will fight society to keep the love of their life. Honestly, I’m already so excited I can hardly wait for the second book.



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