Afterlife by Claudia Gray *Alexa’s Review*

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banner-review(1)Afterlife by Claudia Gray *Alexa’s Review*Afterlife by Claudia Gray
Series: Evernight #4
Published by HarperCollins
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Read in: December 2010
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Destiny awaits Bianca and Lucas . . .

Bianca and Lucas have always believed they could endure anything to be together. When a twist of fate not only transforms Bianca into a wraith but also turns Lucas into a vampire—the very creature he spent his life hunting—they are left reeling.

Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for help . . . Evernight Academy. Bianca is determined to remain with him. But with the vampire leader of Evernight waging a war against wraiths, her former home has become the most dangerous place she could be, despite the new powers her ghostly transformation has given her.

A battle between wraiths and vampires looms, and Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality. They've overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life?

4.5 Stars

This was the conclusion of Bianca and Lucas’s story and I was so excited for this book. Slowly over time I got into this series more and more as the books went on. In this story we see how Bianca is now a wraith and her boyfriend was killed and turned into a vampire. Bianca is faced with the knowledge that Lucas never wanted to become a vampire but she can’t handle letting him go. He becomes a vampire and it is up to the gang to help him cope with who he now is. Lucas has the problem of being a hungry vampire and so everyone must return to Evernight Academy in order to help Lucas control his new hunger.
I fell in love with all of the characters all over in this story. I slowly started to think that this series kept getting better as we went along. In this conclusion Lucas and Bianca must find a way to be together at Evernight and find a way to fight Mrs. Bethany for one last time. Bethany has set traps all over the school in order to trap wraiths and this spells trouble for Bianca.
This story is filled with great adventure and a love that we hope is going to last a lifetime. This story made me so emotional and I felt as if I was there with the characters, as if they were my friends. I think that when an author captivates you that well, then it is a book worth keeping. Some of my favorite books pull on my heartstrings and I felt that with this book. I will be in line to get this book when it comes out in March to complete my set, plus Claudia Gray is coming to my town in March for a signing.



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