Review: Enchanted No More by Robin D. Owens

Lightfolk are mystic beings that live amongst humans in our contemporary world. There are elves, djinns, mermaids, mermen, dwarfs, brownies and a myriad of other creatures in Enchanted No More. Our heroine Jenni is a halfling. She is not a full blooded Lightfolk and therefore a sub-class of species. She does however possess a magic that no one else in the world does and that makes her one powerful woman.

Jenni Mistweaver has lived quietly and alone with her cats for the past fifteen years. She’s done just fine without the Lightfolk and the ways of their leaders, the Eight. The Eight consist of a King and Queen representing the four major magic types in the world: fire, earth, air and water. Jenni lost the majority of her family fifteen years ago when they helped the Eight transport the fire king and queen who were retiring to another dimension. Jenni and her family have the gift to balance the magic in an area. In a balanced area Lightfolk can access and use their magic with ease. For important occasions it is very important to have a balanced area in which to conduct the rituals.

Jenni also hasn’t bothered to keep up with what is going on in the Lightfolk community. She is unaware that for the past two years dark forces have been gearing up to launch an attack on the Lightfolk. At first, she considers this their problem and not hers. Slowly the Lightfolk and the magic she hasn’t used in fifteen years works it’s way back into her heart. She agrees to help the Lightfolk for no other reason than to save the last brother she has.

Aric was her lover fifteen years ago and Jenni believes that he abandoned her and her family in their hour of need. Aric acted in the best interest of the Lightfolk and helped protect the Eight. He acted out of logic and not emotion. Fifteen years is a long time to be apart but Aric and Jenni reconnect with ease. Jenni has been out of practice for a long while. They only have a short time to prepare for a battle with the Dark one. Jenni is only one Mistweaver. How can she accomplish by herself what her entire family was unable to do on that long ago night?

My Thoughts:
Robin D. Owens creates a wonderful world and a lovely cast of characters in Enchanted No More. The book starts off right in Owens’ world. At first I was a little confused and thought that I had missed a book but got into the pace of things quickly. I was soon wrapped up in how Jenni was going to be able to help the Eight, if she would and what kind of danger they would face in the end.

I absolutely hated the way the Eight treated Jenni and all halflings. I suppose this is the way I’m supposed to feel but ooooohhhh it made me mad. Jenni has a power literally no one else on the face of the planet has. She is the only one that can help these people and she is still slighted and in more than a few instances treated as a second-class citizen. A lesser woman would have walked away and let the Eight figure out how to save themselves.

Jenni had a lot to work through emotionally. She has carried around guilt and grief for fifteen years and shared it with no one. She does share the blame though. She blames the Eight and Aric mostly. If things  had gone differently her family may still be alive. Jenni does learn that you can’t play the “what if” game with the past.

Overall, Enchanted No Moreis a great read for those who enjoy fantasy with romance. It is the first in a series and I can’t wait for the next one!

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