Review: Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas

Gigi Tremaine’s wedding day, a day meant to be one of the biggest in a young woman’s life, is disastrous. Gigi made a terrible mistake when she deceived the man that she loves to get what she wanted. That was ten long years ago. She and her husband have lived separate lives on separate continents since then. Gigi has found a man that can love her despite her flaws and wants to marry him. Her darling Freddie is willing to wait as long as it takes for Gigi’s divorce to be granted. Gigi doesn’t count on Camden coming back to England and demanding she produce an heir before he will grant her the divorce she seeks.

Camden Tremaine has to leave England to get over his wife’s betrayal but not before guaranteeing that she will miss him everyday that he is away from her. He plans to be away from her for a long while. He’d only be too happy if he never had to see her again. Ten years pass and now his wife is requesting a divorce. Camden wants an heir before he will free her of her marital vows. Camden cannot get past Gigi’s deceitfulness to get what she wanted. It’s been ten years and he still hasn’t forgiven her transgression.

Camden and Gigi must work through their long and anguished history to be able to have a happy ending. Both must make concessions if they want to get back to the place before ugliness took up residence in their hearts.

My Thoughts: This is a hard review to write. I liked a lot about the book. It had snappy dialogue. The characters were witty and smart. I loved the way Thomas showed us what was happening in the present but would take us back to the past to show us how everything developed. I love flashbacks and this book did it beautifully. Also there is a lovely secondary romance revolving around Gigi’s mother. It’s great to see her finally realize her dream. I know what my issue was with the book. I also know that it is a personal issue. I always feel guilty for even the slightest offense. My memory will not let me forget it and at times it is unbelievably overwhelming. I try my hardest to just “let it go” but it seems like it always resurfaces. I know logically that the offense (great or small) has been dealt with and is in the past but I can’t forgive myself. No matter how hard I try. Having confessed all of this, my biggest issue with Private Arrangements is the way the hero and heroine treat each other. My stomach rolled every time there was a conflict and while this is the idea, I couldn’t get past it. They are so hateful and mean that it was too hard for me to believe that in the end they truly had moved on. As a reader I couldn’t get past the terrible things they had said and done to each other. It was difficult to believe in their happily-ever-after.

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