They Said What???

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they said what

This post is real simple…a few of our favorite quotes from our recent reads!

Stephanie’s Favorite Quotes:

Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set, Vol. 1 (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island)
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
“I’ve had a splendid time” she concluded happily, “and I feel that it marks an epoch in my life. But the best of it all was the coming home.”

Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica, Book 4)
Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
“I don’t have Shade’s kid.”

Wraith bared his fangs. “You’d better, because if you’ve left him with anyone other than Mary fucking Poppins, there won’t be enough left of you to fill a juice glass.”

Lisa’s Favorite Quotes:

Music Master

Music Master by Barbara Miller

Maddie felt the pearls. “They must have been very dear, Leighton. And you had to buy two sets.”

“It is about time I got to enjoy some of my fortune. You look beautiful.”

“It must be the dress.” Maddie smoothed the peach muslin.

“Oh, no, you would look lovely in nothing.”

Maddie started at Leighton until he realized what he’d said, then gave a gurgle of laughter.

“I meant anything,” he corrected.

Deadly Intent (Mindhunters)

Deadly Intent by Kylie Brant

“That’s what I’m saying. Wear something low cut. Bat your lashes at him. You know…use your wiles.”

When he would have pulled open the door, she grabbed for his shirt to yank him to a halt. “Burke,” she hissed desperately, all sense of self-preservation gone. “I don’t have wiles.”

He looked at her then, really looked at her. And she could tell he was about to say something she’d have to make him regret. But then the expression on his face changed. His pale green eyes glinted with something very different than humor…

His lips looked firm. And somehow closer than before. Tiny tendrils of fire zinged through her veins. The breath strangled in her throat. His head dipped imperceptibly.

Then he stopped, as if pulled back by an invisible wire. His jaw clenched. It seemed to take him a moment to fight for control.

“Oh, yeah,” he muttered. “Take it from me. You’ve got wiles.”



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