Review: Stronger Than Sin by Caridad Pineiro

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Jesse Bradford became a celebrity as a pro football player, but an injury ruined his career forever. Now out of options and hoping to save his career, he underwent an experimental treatment after his injury revealed he had a rare bone disease. After the experimental gene is administered, he was held prisoner by a powerful group trying to use Jesse’s new ‘powers’ to their advantage. Jesse has been infected with non-human genes which give him abnormal healing powers and supernatural strength. Except not everything is going as planned and the genes are having lethal effects on the patients, which is why Dr. Liliana Carrera is pulled in to find a cure. Except her knowledge of the program and it’s goal is very limited, all she knows is that she must save Jesse. The more time she spends with Jesse the more she realizes things are not exactly as they seem. Both of them are being pulled into a rabbit hole of lies and violence and are pulled into a fight for survival.

Stronger Than Sin is a compelling and amazing story as told by the wonderfully talented Caridad Pineiro. The concept behind her series is original and will hold your attention from page one and never let go. Along with an original and masterful storyline are characters you will simply adore. Pineiro crafts characters that are sensitive and honest, or in other words, utterly human. They are more than just words on a page…after reading about them for such a short period of time, you begin to see them as real entities. The characters are that important and so prominent in Pineiro’s writing it makes the story ultimately irresistible. With each story she creates dynamics between the couples that deliver an emotionally packed adventure.

Dr. Liliana Carrera is the compassionate overworked doctor with a rocky romantic past. Her ex-fiancé abused her mentally and physically but since then she has gained the courage to stand up to those who would try to push her aside. She has been made a stronger person by her past. Jesse is conceived in this complete celebrity image. He has a reputation as a carefree womanizer, but his situation now brings out the real Jesse. The side that is ever so easy to love. His relationship with Liliana is so fascinating because the inhuman genes force him to sometimes get violent. Which is exactly the opposite of what Liliana wants in her life considering her past. Their journey together is a heart wrenching story that will tear at your heartstrings.

In the years of his captivity, he had discovered that finding something on which to focus helped contain that emotion. Whether it was physical exertion like his workouts, or a person, place, or thing, concentrating on it restored balance.

Liliana has been the object of his attention through the night and morning. Her gently touch against his body and the soothing tones of her voice. The feel of her against him, so feminine and enticing. He replayed scenes of her in his mind, over and over, using them to hold back the overwhelming sensations created by the drugs.

Desire. Sadness. Hope. Need, since the petite doctor seemed to have made and indelible impression on his psyche.

A well written story like this is a rare find indeed. Any paranormal fan will love this powerful and passionate story. You have a wonderful blend of sci-fi, paranormal, suspense and romance which creates a fantastic and entertaining novel worth any price. Compelling characters and a great story line make for a satisfying read. If you love the work of Lara Adrian, Gene Showalter, Alyssa Day and all the other paranormal masters out there, make sure you have this book on your wish lists! It is definitely a keeper This novel is guaranteed to hook you in the first chapter and never let go. I already know the release date for the next installment is too far away…I cannot wait to read it!!



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