Review: Somewhere Along the Way by Jodi Thomas

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Thomas strikes gold again! Her latest release Somewhere Along the Way is another near perfect story about the joys of a small town. If would be a hard feat to not fall madly in love with these characters!

Harmony, Texas. The small town to which many call home and could never dream of leaving. Take Reagan Truman, for instance. Now living with her Uncle during her senior year of high school, she could never dream of leaving him and the town she calls home. It has been the only place to truly accept her after many years of hardships. While subbing for a waitress at the local diner one night she meets Gabe Leary. A loner who hardly speaks to anyone and becomes a great mystery to the folks in town.

Then there is Liz Matheson. She has been the black sheep of her family for years, but now she has returned to Harmony to start her new law career and the new beginning of her life. Determined to make it on her own, she thinks she has everything under control until she meets Gabe. She knows Gabe is hiding something from her, but despite her fears she can’t help the demanding attraction they both feel towards one another. One night Gabe saves Reagan after she is gravely injured, which puts him in spotlight as the town hero. With this new role, Gabe’s past may be finally coming back to find him and will have the whole town of Harmony involved.

You’d be hard pressed to find another author who writes such compelling and wonderful small town stories as Jodi Thomas. The story wasn’t an action packed adventure but a poignant well told story of how love comes in the most unexpected places. You have a wide variety of characters in Somewhere Along the Way and a few story lines to follow. Of course, being set in a small town, everyone know everything so it’s an interesting journey to see how all these stories fit together. Thomas writes a great testament to the joys of a small town life. After reading this novel, you will want to move to Harmony!

I thoroughly enjoyed each different storyline, but of course the favorite is the story between Liz and Gabe. Both of them are somewhat lost in life. Liz is struggling financially and with her career. She is making sacrifices to prove to her family she is not a failure and can do something on her own. Gabe has a dark past that does not allow him to make any personal connections or become noticed. He is successful, but alone. Neither one of them was looking for love, but found it somewhere along the way…

Thomas has captured the beauty and charm of a small town magnificently. You will adore these characters, who each have their own struggles, but their lives are still woven together to tell an amazing story. It is the quality of Thomas’ writing and the special relationship she creates between the fascinating characters that will warm your heart. Her character driven plots will have you fascinated while reading and terribly depressed when it is time to say goodbye to this novel. It’s easy to see you will never find such wonderful individuals or a place as charming as Harmony, Texas anywhere else on earth.



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