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Fans of the amazing romantic suspense novels written by the likes of Allison Brennan or Brenda Novak will want to check out Kate Brady’s latest release Last to Die. Brady writes a chilling and terrifying suspense novel amongst a steamy romance that any adventure seeker will love!

Dani Cole is after a killer. One who brutally murders women and takes part of their hair as a souvenir. Detective Cole discovers she knows the victim, a prostitute whom Dani helped turn her life around. When a second murder occurs later that evening, she knows they must work quickly. While investigating the case, she realizes the last person one of the victims spoke with is an old flame, Mitch Sheridan. An ex she never forgot and is certainly frustrated to meet again. Mostly because she realizes the spark and attraction when she reunites with him is still there. After the killer leaves a few presents for Dani, she is taken off the case. Only to be hired by Mitch to help him investigate the identity of the killer. The further they dig, the more danger they encounter.

Mitch and Dani have a tormented past. They haven’t seen each other for 18 years and now that they are reunited once again, their relationship is somewhat complicated. Before, Mitch was the one to follow Dani’s every whim and eventually, she pushed him away. What makes this relationship so interesting now if that Mitch has finally decided to take matters into his own hands. This time, he’s not going to be pushed away. Their relationship was written in a masterful and heart wrenching way that is likely to be unforgettable. Dani has spent her whole life saving others and Mitch is placing himself into her life to be the first one to help her. Of course, Dani fights him, but the temptation to finally have someone to rely on is too much.

What stuck out immediately were the parts in which the killers thoughts were revealed. Many times I was cringing in disgust or shock, which really are the emotions you should experience while reading this type of novel. It gave away so much, yet at the same time, very little. About half way through the novel, you can predict the identity of the villain and Brady soon after confirms those suspicions. That is when the novel really takes off for an ‘edge of your seat’ adventure. It actually adds to the suspense once you find out the killers identity, which is just another reason why Brady’s plot lines and twists are so fantastic.

Last to Die is a thrill ride that shouldn’t be missed. I was hooked from page one on this whirlwind adventure. For those who love the police procedural novels, this one is certainly a worthwhile novel to check out. Brady gives the perspective of all the parties involved, from the police detectives, the witnesses, and also through the eyes of the killer. The characters are compelling, the villain cringe-worthy and the novel a suspenseful thrill ride that will make this book difficult to put down. Brady has written a psychological thriller that is sure to have you biting your nails and staying up all night to finish!



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