Review: Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day

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When you have two individuals after the same prize, sparks are bound to fly! Such is the case in Day’s 8th installment in the Warriors of Poseidon series. This is an outstanding paranormal series and the latest installment Atlantis Betrayed shows the series is still going strong!

Christophe is the rouge warrior…always refusing to fall into line. Well now he’s in London trying to sneak into the heavily guarded Tower of London to steal The Siren, an item among the Crown Jewels. He doesn’t expect to find another person trying to steal the same item on the same night. He really doesn’t expect that person to be the elusive Scarlet Ninja and terribly surprised to find out the thief is Scottish…and a woman. Not just any woman, but the most beautiful, enthralling, and amazing woman he’s ever encountered. And for Christophe, someone who has spent plenty of time brooding and alone, that is certainly a strong statement.

Fiona a/k/a the Scarlet Ninja finds herself spellbound by the attractive man trying to steal her Siren jewel. So she does what any self-respecting thief would do to the competition, she shoots him…with a tranq gun. Surprisingly he recovers from the shot and follows her to her home where he declares an outrageous idea. Christophe wants to team up with her to steal the jewel. Finding that she doesn’t want to let go of this gorgeous stranger just yet, Fiona reluctantly agrees. Yet before they can attempt to steal the jewel again, someone else takes it and places the blame on Scarlet Ninja. Not just for the theft, but for the murders that happened during the robbery by a vampire who hopes to use the jewel to control the shape shifter population. Now they have to clear Fiona’s name and take back the Siren from the vampires before all hell breaks loose.

This book is an absolute joy to read. Day’s writing is so witty and clever to make for a very enjoyable read. The novel is well written with delightfully enjoyable dialogue. The characters are funny and charming and instantly likeable. Christophe has a complete macho and rebel attitude, so you’ll love to see him baffled by his feelings toward Fiona. Not used to caring too much for the feelings of others, his jealous and protective attitude towards her is something he finds hard to understand. He is so used to being in control and powerful whereas Fiona shakes up his whole mentality. Fiona is his complete opposite and completely adorable. She is courageous and strong, yet sensitive. She allows a select number of people into her heart and keeps them close. Christophe is one of those individuals she doesn’t want to let in, but can’t seem to help herself. He makes her smile, and actually enjoy life again, something she hasn’t been able to do in quiet a while.

There is intrigue, adventure and all the wonderful oddness of the Atlantis universe. You have the best of all paranormal worlds to enjoy…the Poseidon Warriors, shape shifters, vampires and Fae. All opposing sides working to hold possession of the Siren and it’s power to enjoy reading about while immersing yourself in Day’s astonishing universe. The romance moves rather quickly and is probably the only complaint to find with the book. It’s a little too much too soon to be believable. Still, the two main characters are a perfect pair and as the book develops, you will adore their attraction. You will enjoy reading about the shock and heartache this couple endures and cheer for them until the last page. Anyone new to this series could enjoy this as a stand alone book, but once you finish, I’m sure you’ll want to go back to book one and catch up on the previous novels.



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