Monthly Archives: November 2010

Review: Cutting Edge by Allison Brennan

Nora English was raised by an anarchist. At a young age she could not only tell you the components to a pipe bomb but she could aptly construct one as well. Lorraine (Nora’s mother) raises her children “off the grid.” Nora is raised without ever going to a doctor, dentist, school and she never had a place to call home.When Lorraine (Nora was never allowed […]

Random Ramblings: Upcoming Movies

So I’m talking about movies again! I probably will many times in Random Ramblings, so beware! I don’t know if anyone else has felt the same, but lately I felt there’s been a drought in the quality of film choices out there. Hardly anything has inspired me to get in the car, make the trip to the theater and fork over my $10 for a […]

Upcoming Releases

This is just a brief list of some of the amazing new releases this month in romance! Start saving your pennies now! NOVEMBER 2010 CONTEMPORARYBretton, Barbara – Spun by Sorcerery (11/2)Jacobs, Kate – Knit the Season: A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel (11/2)Macomber, Debbie – The Sooner the Better (11/23)Roberts, Nora – Happy Ever After (11/2)Tyler, Stephanie – Promises in the Dark (11/23)SUSPENSEBryant, Kylie – Deadly Intent (11/2)Howard, Linda – Ice: […]

Review: Stronger Than Sin by Caridad Pineiro

Jesse Bradford became a celebrity as a pro football player, but an injury ruined his career forever. Now out of options and hoping to save his career, he underwent an experimental treatment after his injury revealed he had a rare bone disease. After the experimental gene is administered, he was held prisoner by a powerful group trying to use Jesse’s new ‘powers’ to their advantage. […]