Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye

Annabelle Ronaldi has not had it easy. Most of her family thinks that she is a spoiled self-centered brat. She’s probably to blame for that but she can’t tell them about her past. It’s something that Annabelle must shoulder herself. Right now life couldn’t get any worse. When Annabelle was younger she moved to Philadelphia to get away from her smothering family. She was an artist and found a kindred soul in Rebecca Larsen and then fell in love with her brother Chip. Life went sour in Philadelphia quickly and Annabelle returned home to Brooklyn and did the only sensible thing: she agreed to marry the man her mother picked out for her. Weeks before her wedding day Annabelle’s fiancée is caught with his assistant. Annabelle refuses to marry someone who can’t be faithful even before the wedding and ends their engagement.

Mike Flynn has been a focused man almost all of his life. He and his mother had to do it on their own. Mike’s father never entered the picture. Mike went to college and then on to medical school. Now he’s trying to make partner at the clinic he works in. Mike has never met a woman who he cared to see more than a handful of times. When he meets Annabelle at his friend Nick’s wedding the attraction is instantaneous and intense. Luckily for Mike it seems to be mutual as well. After spending just a few short days with Annabelle, Mike is convinced he has found the woman he will spend the rest of his life with.

Annabelle and Mike both want to be with each other but their pasts are more closely linked than either of them can ever know. One truth could devastate the relationship that they’ve built and neither one will be the same after all is revealed. Is what they’ve found in each other enough to stay and fight for?

My Thoughts: Robin Kaye delivers another light-hearted romance with Too Hot to Handle. All of our favorite secondary characters make a reappearance. The dialogue is still sharp and funny. If you enjoyed the first book in the series Romeo, Romeo, you must pick up this book and follow the series.

I didn’t expect to like Annabelle at first. In Romeo, Romeo Annabelle is portrayed as an antagonistic younger sister who always wants to one up her sister. At first I didn’t much care if she found happiness or not. I loved Mike in the first book and I was really reading Too Hot to Handle for him. After the first few chapters though, we see Annabelle in a different light. We learn about her past and it explains a lot. Mike slightly disappointed me when it came to the conflict but in the end he ended up pulling through.  

If you’re in need of something light and funny that will make you laugh out loud during these stressful holiday seasons, Too Hot to Handle is a great escape!

One response to “Review: Too Hot to Handle by Robin Kaye”

  1. I'm that you enjoyed this book as much as I did. Whenever I need a light funny book I pick up one Robin's books.


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