The Horror of Romance

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horror of romance

Lisa’s Thoughts:
Whew! This is interesting. I’d like to know if this dream man walked out of the water towards you would you run or stay? His ‘attire’ if horrifying enough. Is he trying to make himself appear well endowed? Well I’ll say this first, if his intent is to ravish that poor woman he can just drop the act now. Because if she follows where he’s heading she’s gonna find out the truth sooner or later! Where or when does that little slip cover for genitals end??? And why is it there??? It’s not like it’s offering any protection against drafts or something! I think the heroine’s eyesight can’t move much further up his body. If I were her, I’d be laughing so hard I’d probably wet myself!

And the dude looks like Robo cop! I can just see it now…
“What? You don’t want sex now?”
Heroine emphatically shakes her head no.
“Ok then, I’ll be back.” 😀

And of course, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. The woman…on the ground…in submissive pose. Why don’t they just have all the covers showing the woman over the man’s shoulders like a sack of potatoes? That’s probably the only thing that could make the heroines look more helpless.

I hope this cover encourages liquid dreams for somebody…but I just don’t see it!

Stephanie’s Thoughts:
This beauty was actually found while going through my collection of bookmarks. Thank goodness that this is only available in e-book format! I’d be mortified to be caught reading this! Even with a book cover I’d still be slightly paranoid that someone would get a peek somehow.

Anyway, on to the critiquing….I have a feeling that the art department was going for a wet hair kind of look given the water in the background. What was actually achieved is an unattractive shaggy dog look. Both of these characters need to get to a hairdresser ASAP. Also, don’t get me wrong, a man who is in shape can be a very attractive thing but really, it would give me a complex if his boobs were bigger than mine. The hero is packing some serious “moobs.”

Obviously the artist has a thing for purple clothing as both loincloth and swimsuit are an unflattering shade of lavender. The very first thing that I noticed about this cover is the serious wedgie action going on with our poor heroine. I’m trying to be forgiving because wet fabric does tend to cling to the body. What we have here is a wedgie that has been ignored and allowed to crawl all the way up. One would think that it would be really uncomfortable to keep letting that go.

So what do you think? How awful is this cover really? We’d love to hear your opinions!



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