Review: The Accidental Wedding By Anne Gracie

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The Accidental Wedding is a fairy tale any girl would love. Two people, likely to never know love find each other to make the perfect match in this extraordinary love story. Anne Gracie’s writing is historical romance at it’s best

Young Maddy Woodford watches a handsome young many race across the property where she lives oblivious to those around him. In horror, she watches as he hits a dangerous patch of ice, knocked unconscious when he’s thrown from his horse and badly injured. Maddy races out to save this stranger…taking him into her home, letting him eat her food and sleep in her bed. Once he awakes, she thinks she will be able to send for his family and he will be out of her life forever. He does wake up, but there is one small problem; he has absolutely no idea who he is.

Nash Renfrew wakes up in a modest cottage in pain and no idea how he came into his current situation. He certainly doesn’t know the identity of the beautiful woman taking care of him or the five half-siblings she takes care of. He remembers nothing, but he realizes early on they are from two different worlds. Once he is well and gathers his identity, he’ll have to leave Maddy and her family forever. Yet that’s the problem. He does regain his memory, he knows they are from two different worlds, but can’t seem to pull himself away from her.

This is one of the most charming historical romances to have crossed my way in quiet a while. Anne Gracie has created a story of Cinderella finding her prince and doing her best to give them the most perfect happily ever after. The hero and heroine are from two different classes and styles of life, but they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. It starts out as a fight against what society would think and how to avoid the gossip but turns into a question of ‘why should it matter?’ It is a story about a girl finding her prince charming and going from rags to riches. While the hero realizes there are more important things in life than titles and nobility.

Nash was introduced as an uncaring rake before his accident and with his memory gone he has the rare opportunity to see inside a different life…Maddy’s life. And when he regains every memory he’s lost, can he really go back to being that same person? You watch him struggle with the impossibility of their match but the undeniable pull he feels to stay with her. He wants her, but he can’t have her and you can tell the dilemma is going to drive him insane! It was so charming to read about him because you can tell all the decisions he is making are about what his heart feels, but his inner thoughts reveal he has used every excuse imaginable to point out the practicality of his decisions. He wants to remain so detached from feelings and emotions but Maddy and her siblings have wormed their way into his heart.

Maddy if fearless. Or at least she appears that way on the outside. Which to me, makes her more courageous than any other heroine I’ve read about. She is being threatened by her landlord and terrorized at night by a mysterious vandal, but through it all she remains a solid protector of her half-siblings. One the inside she may be absolutely terrified, but she never lets it show. One of more attractive qualities would have to be the way she speaks her mind. She is never at a loss for words and never one to be bullied. Even if the bully is someone of a higher station. It would take a great force to knock this woman down and ensure she could never get back up because Maddy is a fighter through and through.

The Accidental Wedding is a delightful read about taking chances and finding your happily ever after. It is about allowing yourself to follow your heart and not give in to the judgment and views of others. Also about having faith in the person you choose to spend you life with and accepting circumstance for what they are. It’s definitely one for the keeper shelf. After I had finished reading I found myself going back and re-reading my favorite parts, just to become wrapped up in the magic of the story all over again. Gracie has written a delightful and fanciful novel that is charmingly romantic and sure to mesmerize you long after you’ve read it!



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