Review: Santa In Montana by Janet Dailey

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Fans of the popular Calder series by Janet Dailey will enjoy this brief but entertaining novel. It doesn’t get any better than having your favorite characters reunite for a Christmas celebration to warm your heart. Amongst the family dynamics is a sweet love story that’s sure to make you smile.

Chase Calder knows his daughter Cat needs a new man in her life. Cat has lost her husband and while she wouldn’t mind meeting a new romantic interest, it’s not something she is actively looking for. With the Christmas season coming around the corner, Chase decides to get a Christmas gift she is sure to love…forever. It just so happens that an acquaintance of his, Wade Rogers, is the perfect match for Cat. While Wade can’t seem to stay at the ranch for too long, the butterflies in Cat’s stomach grow more intense with each visit. Meanwhile other Calder family members prepare for their Christmas celebration. It’s a special reunion of a large and loving family that has entertained Dailey fans for years.

The focus of this book isn’t really about Cat and Wade but to follow the main characters on the Calder Ranch. You have Trey and Sloan with their son Jake, Laredo and Jessy, Cat and of course Chase Calder, all characters from pervious novels in the Calder series. Others from the series come into the book along the way, but those on the ranch take up most of the focus. If you are a fan of the series and enjoyed her earlier novels, you will want to pick this book up. It isn’t lengthy or very detailed, but fans will enjoy this glimpse into the Calder family again. Of course, little Jake takes a certain spotlight in this book and brings a light and cheery touch of innocent curiosity. His questions and inquiries will have you giggling throughout.

The part of the book that focuses on Cat’s romance is very sweet. She has grown children and has lived a full life so far, but becomes weak in the knees at the sight of Wade. It displays how romance is the same overwhelming and exciting adventure at any age. Their story is about being open to find love and companionship the second time around.

This is a very light and simple romance novel with familiar characters Dailey fans will love. It is not the most exciting novel Dailey has written or the most romantic, but it is enjoyable just the same. If you haven’t read Dailey’s earlier work and are not familiar with the characters, I would recommend skipping this novel. To fully enjoy this novel I would go as far as saying you have to be familiar with the characters already, otherwise the novel and the characters might seem a little mundane. Santa in Montana confirms Dailey’s characters are still as charming as they were when they first hit the page and the Calders will always be the endearing and wonderful family fans have come to love.



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