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random ramblings
This time around on Random Ramblings I had to highlight a subject that I love just as much as reading and romance novels! Movies have always been a major part of my life…just like any novel they can make me laugh, cry and smile. They can inspire, delight and amaze me by watching just two and a half hours of movie magic.

The film I’m rambling about today is a 2008 release titled Across the Universe.

Across the Universe
Why this movie? Well, first of all I LOVE musicals. Love, love, love them! I mean it’s one thing to say the hills are alive with music, but to sing it? Well then it has a whole new set of emotions involved (and probably sounds a little less ridiculous when it’s sung! Or maybe not?). This movie is adapted in a style that is become more popular nowadays…think of the smash hit Mamma Mia. It about taking existing songs from a popular group (In this case, The Beatles) and using the songs to tell a story.

The second reason I love the movie? Well I love American history and this movie tells the story about one of the most climatic and revolutionary time periods…the 1960s.

First clip I have focuses on the draft of young men to become soldiers during the Vietnam war using the song ‘I Want You’ (She’s So Heavy). The first time I saw the ‘She’s So Heavy’ segment, I had chills! I won’t bother typing or explaining anymore because the video speaks for itself…

Next we have the powerful video behind the hit Beatles song ‘Let It Be.’ This scene shows a family losing their loved one because of the war and simultainiously demonstrates the violence against minorities…

Warning: This scene contains violence

Anyone else seen the movie? Love it? Hate it? If you haven’t, are you inspired to see it after watching these clips? Speak!




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