Review: My Soul To Keep by Sharie Kohler

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My Soul to Keep is the book you want to buy for keeps! Kohler’s series focusing on half breed lycans will make you howl with delight! This fourth installment in her Moon Chaser series is not to be missed!

Sorcha has always dreamed of a better world. Her malicious father dictated her life and determined her future whether she liked it or not. When all she really wanted was her father’s right hand man Jonah. Always Jonah. To Sorcha, he was everything. Her love, her guardian and her protector until one night an explosion killed her family taking Jonah and any hope for happiness with it…or so she thought.

Fast forward twelve years later. Sorcha is now a widow, bent on vengeance to avenge her late husband. A husband she married for companionship more than passion or love, someone who understood and accepted the uncontrollable animal inside her. Someone who could fill the void and the pain of losing Jonah. Sorcha misses her husband terribly and feels responsible for his death. She locates the witch responsible and before she can initiate the killing blow someone stops her. But this isn’t just anyone, it’s Jonah.

Both are shocked to see each other alive since both thought the other had perished in the explosion. Jonah isn’t the same dovenatu, or half breed werewolf, Sorcha remembers and she certainly isn’t the same young girl who needed Jonah’s protection. Jonah knows if he allows Sorcha to kill the witch millions of people will perish when her demon is released. Jonah can’t let Sorcha kill the witch and Sorcha won’t give up until this witch is good and dead. Both are determined to get their way and have plenty of unresolved emotions from their past coming to the surface. This battle is putting their hearts on the line and these werewolves play for keeps.

After you read the first half, you’ll love it. After the second half you’ll love it even more. Kohler does not disappoint, continuing her amazing Moon Chaser series with Sorcha and Jonah’s story. They have super-human strength because they are dovenatus; half lycan, half human, able to shift at will. So the base animal characteristics make for some interesting characters. Yet Kohler works in that daunting task of putting their human side right in the readers face. Sometimes you forget they are paranormal characters, because you’re lost in a world of two misunderstood people, attempting to be normal. Of course, as with all paranormal adventures, they are anything but normal.

My Soul To Keep is a story that has a deep history and unresolved emotions at it’s core. Twelve years earlier, they shared a sweet and gentle relationship. Now, it’s an intense and passionate connection that scares them both. They have been haunted by their past and aren’t quiet certain how to let it go and focus on a future together. Sorcha is not the same young girl Jonah felt he had to protect. She is an independent and courageous woman set on vengeance. It has changed and disguised her from the innocent girl he used to know. Now, she is stubborn and strong, refusing to lose her focus and direction.

Jonah has become a loner since the day he thought Sorcha dead. He moves through life as a demon slayer now, protecting his witch friend Darby and her coven. Watching him discover the woman Sorcha has become is a true delight. This is not the same girl he remembers and his confusion with his feelings toward her is heartwarming and sweet. He is at a loss, since he has always been her protector. He now realizes she may not need such diligent protection. When he finally accepts this fact, he can’t help but become amazed and attracted to the woman she’s become. Jonah is a supernatural hero worth every bit of praise and admiration. You will love him simply because it’s impossible not to.

The story moves so quickly, you won’t have time to put this book down. The beginning is entertaining and passionate, but the last half is suspenseful and thrilling. I simply couldn’t read it fast enough. If you loved any of the previous novels in the Moon Chaser series, you will certainly love My Soul To Keep. This book is an example of how Kohler’s series is simply getting better with age!



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