Review: Dark Peril by Christine Feehan

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Another spell binding story from Feehan! In this relationship-driven novel, you will find a romantic and thrilling tale. Carpathian fans are sure to be enthralled!

Dominic is a Carpathian warrior sacrificing himself for his people. A short time ago, he volunteered to infect himself with vampire parasites into to infiltrate the vampire forces as a spy. He found this as no hardship since he was on the verge of turning to the dark side anyway and figured his sacrifice would result in an honorable death for him people. The only thing keeping him on the edge of sanity is the image he has created of his lifemate. The one he converses with in a dreamlike state. Down to the last detail, he has created her as a figment of him imagination and it is the thought of her alone that saves him from completely losing himself to the dark whispers of the parasites inside.

Solange is a jaguar shapeshifter on a mission of revenge. She has lost many of her family and friends to her father’s psychotic dreams of pure blooded shape shifters. He has sought out the females in her life and either tortured them or killed them right before her eyes. Forced to endure a horrible childhood, she has lived a secret life as her father thinks she was killed during one of his attacks on her family. Really, Solange has waited patiently for her revenge. Now she is moving in closer…trying to discover more about her father’s evil plan in order to use that knowledge against him. She knows most likely she will not survive this showdown, but she will not go down without taking her father with her.

Two warriors…both set on sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Neither have many ties to this world and resign themselves to a noble death. Then they find each other and suddenly realize dying is the last thing they wish to do.

He laughed softly. “You shocked me as well. We have bad timing…maybe the worst timing of any couple in history.”

The last few Carpathian novels had lost some of their sparkle and it was beginning to look as if the series was hitting a plateau. They were good, but just not holding the same magic as the earlier novels. Dark Peril completely breaks that trend. This book reads as if Feehan as found her stride again, the characters were magnificent the action was vivid and writing was extraordinary. If you’re looking for a novel with emotional punch…Feehan will always deliver. Her Carpathian characters are never about just falling in love, but an out of this world romance. One that transcends so many different levels of being. Its about nothing their mate inside and out and connection with the other person on a much deeper and more complex level. You be hard pressed to find another novel with as much detail and description as this one. I didn’t just read about the characters joy and anguish, I felt it. It wasn’t just reading a book about vampires, but about amazing character dimensions and giving as much depth to their individuality as possible.

Solange would have to be one of my favorite females from this series. She is a jaguar shape shifter with many extraordinary powers, but has many insecurities as a woman. Raised to believe being a female makes her weak, a part of her has crawled into a corner and refuses to face the fears that have plagued her for so long. Finally meeting a man that desires her and one that she desires in return is not only shocking, but terrifying. I love reading the battle scenes with her as a fearless warrior but when she was left alone with Dominic, she was an absolute coward. She was such a contradiction and very intriguing to read about. Her night and day personalities made for a wonderful character.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention how steamy this novel is! Dark Peril pulls you into the sensual attraction between two people and burns up the pages. The intimate scenes between Solange and Dominic are intense and will take your breath away. Feehan has crafted two tortured and lost souls who find each other in a world of anguish and pain to reveal a gentle and compelling romance. Her story is detailed, fascinating and thrilling. You will find a fabulous story in Dark Peril.



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