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author spotlight

The author I chose to highlight this month is Christina Dodd. Christina writes both historical and paranormal romances. In My Wildest Dreams was really one of the first romances that I ever read. I remember thinking how amazing the storyline was. I love a historical romance where the employee falls for the employer or vice versa. To add to it, the hero was the brother the heroine had never looked at twice. *Sigh*

Christina’s latest release:
Chains of Fire

Chains of Fire: The Chosen Ones

Christina’s next release:

Coming April 5, 2011!

Stephanie’s favorite Christina Dodd novel
In My Wildest Dreams

Since she  was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener’s daughter have of capturing the heart of one of England’s wealthiest gentlemen? However, the education she receives at the Distinguished Academy of Governesses enables Celeste to return to Blythe Hall with a refinement that complements her ravishing beauty – and makes her bold romantic dream more attainable. But, alas, temptation gets in the way…

For wherever Celeste turns, it is not Ellery she encounters, but his serious, yet undeniably intriguing, older brother Garrick. The elder Throckmorton will have no one interfere with the younger’s impending nuptials, and his meddling infuriates Celeste to no end. Still, she cannot disregard the fluttering of her heart whenever Garrick deigns to smile at her. And the passion she senses smoldering beneath his formidable control is tempting her in a manner a lady must never allow…

In My Wildest Dreams is part of the Governess Brides series.  There are so many reasons why this book is my favorite Dodd novel to date. The story lines are some of my favorites. I love when a woman in historical England has the audacity to dream about romance even if the man is above her station. There’s also a secondary storyline involving a spy!
Want more info on Christina Dodd? Check out her website here!!




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