Review: The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

Lucy Craddock-Hayes is the daughter of an old sea captain and she has lived in Maiden Hill all her life. She has never questioned her day to day life or the utter hopelessness of it all. Lucy has never wanted for anything more than she has. That all changes when Lucy finds a naked dead man lying face down in the ditch not far from her home. She’s quite surprised to find the man is not dead and does the right thing and takes him home to nurse him back to health.

Simon Iddesleigh is a hard man to kill and with the help of his angel, his health is returning everyday. The strange thing is Simon doesn’t want to leave. Captain Craddock-Hayes can’t wait for the day when Simon is healthy enough for travel. Despite Simon’s feelings for Lucy, he won’t soil or bring harm to her. When it becomes apparent that Simon’s enemies intend to harm him wherever he may be, it’s time to leave. Simon must continue what he started. it’s his cross to bare and his alone. He must finish the course he’s set to be free of the guilt that plagues him everyday.

Lucy is a strong woman who does not use the strategies of young London misses. She is honest and straight forward and that is what truly captures Simon’s heart. It also terrifies him at the same time. Simon has carefully hidden his heart away. He knows that he can’t bring anyone close to him and risk hurting them in his bid for vengeance. Lucy will do all that she can to save Simon and his soul. She worries that the revenge Simon seeks is tearing away at his soul and taking pieces that he’ll never recover. How can these two people fall in love when they’re so focused on saving everyone else?

My Thoughts:
You have been warned, I am going to fan girl gush! The Serpent Prince sealed the deal for me. Holy cow! I read it during a very busy week and it killed me to have to set it down. Simon is the epitome of the tortured soul. He is on a path that is going to lead to his demise and he doesn’t care. As long as he accomplishes his bloody vengeance, Simon will be happy. He doesn’t even care if it costs him his soul. Simon can’t afford to lose Lucy but he can’t let go of the past and his need to rectify it. He is torn between these two things and it is amazing to watch him battle himself.

As a reader you know that Lucy is that woman who is going to bring Simon to his senses. The best part of the book is watching Simon learn that Lucy was brought into his life to save him. She is truly his angel. Lucy is not perfect and there is a point where you aren’t sure if she can stand by and watch Simon self-destruct. The ending will bring a tear to your eye. I don’t know how much more I can say, but if you haven’t read this trilogy, you need to! They are wonderful historical romances and The Serpent Prince wrapped everything up quite nicely!

2 responses to “Review: The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt”

  1. Oh I love this series!!!! I'm a Elizabeth Hoyt fan girl!!!


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