Review: Through His Grace by Kelly Eileen Hake

Eric Nichols is a man with a past he isn’t sure he can forgive. He knows he’ll never forget it. Since that shady time in his past, Eric has found the grace of God. He’s learned how to live a good Christian life. Eric couldn’t be more grateful for the new life he’s been given. Then one day he meets Lizzie and Jake at a foster care center where he takes baby chicks once a week.

Grace Willard has accepted that God did not intend for her to have a family. To fill the need to touch a child’s life, Grace takes a 3 month trip to Guatemala. When she returns from her trip, Grace finds that the world she knew is gone. A tornado ripped her family apart and took her cousin and his wife with it, leaving two small children alone. Grace is now the caregiver of Lizzie and Jake and she is going to do all that she can to ensure they grow up well.

My Thoughts:
While Through His Grace had high points, the fairy tale ending is much too swift and tidy. In the last 20 pages a new major conflict is added to the plot. The way that it is handled could almost be classified as campy. If not for the ending, this book may have gotten a better review but it made the ending seem rushed and forced. It completely ruined the flow of the book. For a shot of inspiration on a sunny afternoon, it suffices.

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