The Horror of Romance

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horror of romance

Lisa’s Thoughts:
A’hoy matey! Everyone aboard for the pleasure cruise! Nothin’ like getin’ some booty on the treasure chest filled with pirate booty!!! But seriously…who has better hair? Him or her? Hers is longer, I’ll give you that…but his is so luscious and tied with a manly bow! It looks like she rolled out of bed, had no clothes and decided to make her bed comforter into her dress. Or the drapes…I’ve seen drapes that looked like that too! The pattern obviously got her feeling a little frisky, because this kitten on the prowl is determined to get her man!

I’m assuming Pirate=man and Puritan=woman, right? I look at the picture and at the title and ask you this: How many Puritan’s have you heard of that are this sexually aggressive???? lol Maybe it was all that rockin’ and rollin’ on the high seas that finally got to her. Or maybe they were both standing on the deck and a large wave knocked them both down into the precarious position we see on the cover. The woman cries “Oh! It’s seems my drape dress is falling off my shoulders because of these horrible waves!” She demurely bats her eyelashes a few times at her hunky beau. The man sensing his rare opportunity rolls his shoulders a few times and as his shirt begins to slide down says “Yes! It appears my shirt is falling down my well-tanned, perfectly sculpted chest too! Damn those waves! Whatever are we to do?” Arrrrrrrg baby…arrrrrrg.

Stephanie’s Thoughts:
Alright, first of all, let me point out that the boat in the background is tipping precariously on it’s side but on the boat we are seeing, looks pretty darn straight to me! I’m going to go ahead and say it: the man is the Puritan and the woman is the pirate. The woman is awfully aggressive in what she wants and she’s going to get it! I’m guessing she’s just told him “You will pleasure me until I am satisfied or I’ll send you straight to Davy Jones’ locker!” I make these assumptions because the man is trapped! Granted he might be happy about the situation, but in the position he’s in, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! The only flaw in my theory is the pirate’s dress. I don’t think a piratess would be caught dead in that get up. You have to love a cover that makes you think!



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  1. Lisa Jo @ Once Upon

    I thought the same thing! I had to do a double take because I thought it looked so much like him! But alas, it's not. If you go to Fabio's official website (don't ask me how I knew this 😛 ) you'll see he's never posed for this cover. lol

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