Smart Chicks Kick It Tour

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Hi everyone!
So I thought I would share with you how the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour went in AZ this past Friday night. I got there pretty early so I was on of the first people in line to get into the seating area. I managed to get second row so I have some cool pictures to share with you all (including this one on the left with all the authors on it, although Sarah signed up top so that got slightly cut off in this picture).
I had a great time at this event because there were 6 authors there so there was a lot of different author personalities. I would have to say that the only author that I have read out of the six is Alyson Noel’s book Evermore before attending this tour. I did buy books before I went to the tour though so that I could have a signed copy by almost every author. I would say after meeting all of the six lovely ladies that the one I would probaly get along with the most is Melissa Marr. She just has this attitude about her where she kinda reminds me of myself. I can’t wait to dive into Wicked Lovely which I got signed by her at the event. I spent most of the night in the place because when the line for the book signing came around the line started right by my seat so I was trampled so I just went to the very back of the line. This made it nice when I got up to the authors because there was very few of us left and they wanted to give us a big thanks for staying and waiting for them.
All of the authors are incredibly funny and truely want to get to know their fans. If you have never read a book by one of these authors I would suggest you get your butt to the bookstore. If you ever have the chance to meet either Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Kimberly Derting or Alyson Noel I suggest you jump at the opportunity because you wont be disappointed!

Here are all of the books I got signed. The Demon Lexicon isn’t staying with me because I got that signed for a friend and will soon be mailing that one off.

Here are some of the pictures that I took of the authors while I was there. I didn’t take a picture of me with each one because I’m not that fan crazed and I didn’t want to hold up the line anymore than it already was held up. Seriously some people did not follow the three book per author per trip in the line rule!



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