Monthly Archives: September 2010

His for the Taking by Sarah Parr *Lisa’s Review*

Pirates, adventure and romance…oh my! Sarah Parr’s latest novel His for the Taking is a classical romance with action that will have you on the edge of your seat and a love story sure to capture your heart. This is a novel not to be missed! Karly is on a simple mission to reclaim a small token of hers in Warrick Barry’s home. He thinks […]

The Horror of Romance

Finally! The cover we’ve all been waiting for! What’s not to love???Exotic Ocean Scene – Check! Coordinating colors – Check! (I mean, after all, red does go beautifully with neon pink, teal and purple)Male model – Check (Who’s touching himself! **Double check!**) Female model – eh, well the one scheduled to come in had food poisoning, but that’s okay. We have a great computer generate […]

Scaling Mt. Read Me

Scaling Mt. Read Me is a feature where we will be pulling a few books that have ended up in the never ending TBR and spotlighting them here. Some of us can’t admit to having a to be read “pile” as it has exploded into it’s own mountain range, hence the name Mt. Read Me. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve selected Trust Me by Brenda […]

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins *Alexa’s Review*

I thought the book started off pretty slow considering the action that was happening at the end of Catching Fire. This book is different from the first two books in the fact that Katniss doesn’t have to go to a Hunger Game this time around. The first half of the story is trying to tell you what happened when Katniss left the second Hunger Game […]