Monthly Archives: September 2010

Smart Chicks Kick It Tour

Hi everyone! So I thought I would share with you how the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour went in AZ this past Friday night. I got there pretty early so I was on of the first people in line to get into the seating area. I managed to get second row so I have some cool pictures to share with you all (including this one […]

The Echo of Violence by Jordan Dane *Lisa’s Review*

Jackson Kincaid is spending the rare night off from his dangerous and illegal occupation to spend the evening with Sister Kate at her charity function for a struggling school in Haiti. Jackson’s attendance is warranted because he is the mysterious American donor that everyone has been dying to meet. Suddenly, a terrorist group blazes in killing innocent bystanders and taking over a dozen attendees hostage. […]

In My Mailbox (3)

This is a weekly theme hosted over at The Story Siren where you can share what you got in the mail that week.       I have been buying books like crazy these past 2ish weeks. I bought even more stuff than what is pictured but I will be posting a picture of the books I got for the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour in […]

Spinning Out of Control by Vickie McDonough *Stephanie’s Review*

Amy Rogers is destitute after paying off her negligent father’s gambling debts. Amy’s father was barely around while he was alive and she’d rather not remember the times that he was home. Almost penniless and alone, Amy seeks out her cousin, hoping Kathryn will have the heart and space to take her in. Amy arrives to find herself in another nightmare. Kathryn is in labor […]

The Horror of Romance

Lisa’s Thoughts:A’hoy matey! Everyone aboard for the pleasure cruise! Nothin’ like getin’ some booty on the treasure chest filled with pirate booty!!! But seriously…who has better hair? Him or her? Hers is longer, I’ll give you that…but his is so luscious and tied with a manly bow! It looks like she rolled out of bed, had no clothes and decided to make her bed comforter […]