Lifelines by CJ Lyons *Lisa’s Review*

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Lifelines by CJ Lyons *Lisa’s Review*Lifelines by C. J. Lyons
Series: Angels of Mercy #1
Published by Berkley
Genres: Romance, Thriller/Suspense
Pages: 405
Format: Paperback
Source: Paperbackswap
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A gripping behind-the-scenes drama of four women who face life and death every day

On her first day at Pittsburgh's Angels of Mercy Medical Center, L.A.-transplant Lydia Fiore, the new ER attending physician, loses a patient: the Chief of Surgery's son. Now, to save her career, Lydia must discover the truth behind her patient's death, even as it leads her into unfamiliar-and risky-territory.

At least she's not alone. There's med student Amanda, a sweet Southern belle with problems of her own; Gina, a resident with a chip on her shoulder; and Nora, the no-nonsense charge nurse with a cool head but a fiery temper. Not to mention the paramedic who'd like to try out his bedside manner on Lydia. - via GoodReads

4.5 Stars

Lydia is having the worst first day. Ever. She is the new attending physician at Pittsburgh’s Angels of Mercy Medical Center and within hours of her first shift, loses one of her patients. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the patient just so happens to be the Chief of Surgery’s son. Now not only is her new job being threatened, but her whole career. Put on a strict probation, Lydia knows she has to investigate further to find out what went wrong. To her surprise, she finds herself drawn into a full murder investigation. Dragged along with her are three of her co-workers, the dominating third year resident Gina, the compassionate fourth year medical student Amanda, and the passive charge nurse Nora. Oh, and who could forget the hunky EMT Trey, the guy who can’t seem to stay away from Lydia. Finding out what really happened to Lydia’s patient is going to take them on one wild and bumpy ride.

The beginning of the novel was filled with a lot of medical drama and became a little overwhelming for me at first. The terminology was unfamiliar (I have just your basic medical TV drama education) and there were a lot of characters being introduced. But the action really starts to pick up once Lydia gets out of the hospital and into investigating her patients murder. At her side is Trey, the EMT who cares too much and wants nothing more than to protect Lydia. She can’t believe how horrible the timing is…how she could find such a perfect guy at just the absolute worst time. Still, Trey is one of the only people to fully believe she did nothing wrong and at this point she needs anyone in her corner.

With the profession that she’s in, Lydia find it impossible to show any weakness. She manages to pull that off quite brilliantly. You come to admire her characters because any ordinary person would take their tail between their legs and run back home, but not Lydia. She cares too much about her job and her patient to let that deter her from finding out the truth. Trey is the perfect match for her because he knows exactly what she is going through and what she needs before Lydia herself knows. She is so accustomed to being on her own that she initially rejects Trey, but after his relentless pursuit, she knows she needs him now more than ever. It was pure joy watching their relationship slowly unfold and develop. Lyons created the perfect blend of romance and action with this novel. Neither the romance or the action ever felt forced as it sometimes can in a suspense or mystery romance novel. It felt real and appropriate for what was going on around them.

And of course, let’s not forget the knowledge the author has on the hospital magic! Lyons, who is a doctor in real life, instills plenty of description and authority to the medical subject matter. I don’t just mean describing the difference between a scalpel and forceps, but everything medical. She describes the ins and outs of the EMT team, Executive Committees or Medical Boards, the nurses perspective. Anything you can possibly imagine, it’s all there, expertly written. Like I said before, at the beginning it was a bit overwhelming, but she does a wonderful job of writing a story any individual with no medical experience can become fascinated with.

Each of Lydia’s hospital friends has a side story in the novel. They each eventually have their own novel in the Angels of Mercy Series, but you have the set up for each character in Lifelines. Lifelines is a true thrill ride with plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat! I sat down with this book in the morning and put it down maybe once or twice. I just had to know what was going to happen next. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a medical drama program will enjoy this novel. Even if hospital themes don’t really do it for you, I feel the secondary half of the novel that involved the murder investigations will make an enjoyable read for anyone. It has the drama, suspense, intrigue with a dash of romance to make for a wonderful suspense/thriller novel. I look forward to reading the remainder of this series!



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