Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands *Lisa’s Review*

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Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands *Lisa’s Review*Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands
Also by this author: Hungry for You, The Countess
Series: Argeneau #13
Also in this series: Hungry for You
Published by Avon
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 358
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher ARC
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Legend has it that Armand Argeneau is a killer in the bedroom . . .

But with all three of his late wives meeting unfortunate and untimely ends, is this sexy immortal a lover or a murderer? That's what Eshe d'Aureus intends to find out. As an enforcer, it's her job to bring rogue vampires to justice, even if the rogue in question makes her blood race red hot.

Armand knew she was trouble the moment Eshe roared into town on her motorcycle, clad in tight black leather. She claims she's hiding from dangerous fiends, though he suspects something more. But after three wives who've all had trouble remaining, well, undead, Armand is reluctant to open his heart again. Then strange accidents start to happen, each deadlier than the last, and Armand realizes he may not have much time to prove he's a lover, not a slayer. - via GoodReads

5 Stars

Argeneau bites again! Sands fans can rest assured knowing the latest Argeneau novel Born to Bite is just as great as book one. This book may have a different tempo than her earlier novels, but it still captures the same paranormal story fans know and love.

Armand Argeneau has been unlucky in love. His last three wives have met an early demise and the poor man is beginning to think himself cursed. Being immortal just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So he has pushed everyone away…his friends, his family, anyone that might be hurt by his horrible misfortunes. It’s all a little too peculiar for the vampire council, who doesn’t think Armand is unlucky, but perhaps the murderer of his previous wives. Which is why the council sends Eshe d’Aureus to Armand’s farm to find out the truth. Their attraction is instantaneous and with good reason. The two vampires are life mates or rather two immortals destined to be together. Finding a new life mate has many new overwhelming urges which are difficult to control. Eshe must focus not on her new life mate, but the case at hand. She must discover what really happened to these women if they are going to spend a happy life together. That is, unless Armand really is the killer?

Born to Bite picks up where the last Sands vampire book, The Renegade Hunter leaves offs but has quiet a different feel. You still have some of the characters fans now know and love, but the tone of this book is very different. These new lead characters are older, and more mature than previous novels. Eshe is the focused composed female with an unquestionable reserve of determination. She walks her own line, rarely inclined to follow orders. Armand is the quiet and calm type. He keeps to himself and tries not to cause trouble. For the most part, he doesn’t let his impulses take control. At least not until his life mate instincts kick in. Then both Eshe and Armand are lost in a whirlwind of new emotions. These characters are entertaining because they are opposites in almost every way, yet still perfect for each other.

The story isn’t all about action and adventure, yet the pace of the novel still moves quickly and seamlessly. It reintroduces the happy and fun loving vampire family Sands has created. There are many wonderful qualities to Lynsay’s characters. They are so genuine, so funny with such sparkling personalities you are always ensured a delightful read. And no matter what obstacles she throws in the way, there is always time for the characters to steam up a few of the pages!

This book has a great sense of humor and isn’t too dark. Lynsay has created her own unique brand of vampires that are funny more than they are scary. To new readers, the background is briefly mentioned in the first few chapters to get you up to speed and to avid fans this will be the umpteenth time we are reminded why they are what they are. The Argeneau immortals are part of a wonderful universe you will be delighted to learn more about. Born to Bite is a light and fun read for any paranormal fan. The book has danger, passion, mystery and will keep you intrigued from page one until the end. Sands book are like potato chips…once you read one, you have to come back for more. Born to Bite is just another example of why her books are highly addictive!

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