Glimmerglass by Jenna Black *Stephanie’s Review*



Dana has never met her father. For as long as she can remember, she’s been responsible for grocery shopping, cooking, check book balancing and bill paying. Dana has a secret she finds shameful: her mother is an alcoholic who will not seek treatment….even for her daughter. Dana finally draws the line when her mother shows up drunk to a voice lesson recital. Dana is able to piece together enough information to figure out where her father lives and his name. From there, it’s a quick Internet search and she has his phone number. Dana calls him and plans to meet him and probably stay with him to live if all goes well.

Dana really should have listened to her mother. There was a reason Dana hadn’t met her father or gone on visits to the place where he lives, Avalon. Dana isn’t just the normal human girl she thought she was. She’s half Fae and to make it even more complicated, she may be a Faeriewalker. Faeriewalker’s are a pretty powerful and special type of Fae. If a politician has the support of a Faeriewalker their position would almost be guaranteed. It also just so happens that Dana’s homecoming coincides with the election of the Consul. One member of the Fae is elected as the Consul and there are three people gunning for that position. All three have their own strategies to acquire Dana and her status.

Dana is alone in Avalon and she must use her wits and instincts to decide who she should trust and who means her ill. It is a constant guessing game and one that Dana is tiring of quickly. Right now, life in the United States taking care of her drunken mother after a binge is starting to sound like a walk in the park!

My Thoughts:
If you have a teenage daughter or know a teenage girl who enjoys reading, you need to make sure she does not miss this book! Even an adult who enjoys the occasional young adult novel should not miss this book. Black sets the stage for a great series with the first book of in the Faeriewalker series. There is some great world-building without too much time being spent on minute details. Dana is a strong self-reliant heroine who you root for throughout the book. She has a strong sense of self and a level head. Political intrigue abounds in the span of 297 pages. I was riveted through most of it. I was busy trying to figure out who had which motives and why. Were these people Dana could trust or should she run for the hills? This book will leave you breathless wondering what is going to happen to Dana and you’ll find the novel is over much sooner than you would have wanted.

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