The 9th Judgment by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro *Stephanie’s Review*



My Thoughts:

Wow. That’s really all there is to say. I started and finished this book in one setting. The short chapter style of Patterson made it a lot easier but still this book was un-put-downable awesomeness. Through most of the book you know the “who” of the who-dun-it but you don’t know the why. The why is what makes the book really stand out. Each mystery of the book leaves you trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Every time I thought that I knew why or how the book was going to end, I was proven wrong. I think that is what made the book so good for me.

The characters who make up The Women’s Murder Club all make an appearance but I felt that there wasn’t much character development. Yes all of our favorite people made an appearance but we didn’t get to see much of their lives outside of the scope of the crimes. The plot more than made up for the characters though. If you’ve enjoyed any of these books in the past, don’t miss this one!

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