Spinning Out of Control by Vickie McDonough *Stephanie’s Review*



Amy Rogers is destitute after paying off her negligent father’s gambling debts. Amy’s father was barely around while he was alive and she’d rather not remember the times that he was home. Almost penniless and alone, Amy seeks out her cousin, hoping Kathryn will have the heart and space to take her in. Amy arrives to find herself in another nightmare. Kathryn is in labor and her husband has been gone for five months.

Micah Walsh has finally returned home after a long winter trapping. While he lost precious time with his family, he’ll now have enough money to put food on the table and maybe a little extra for indulgences. The home and family that Micah left is not what he comes home to. There is a stranger in his home and she tells him Kathryn is gone and he is now the sole parent of two very young daughters. Micah can’t see how God would take his wife away or how he is supposed to get through this struggle. Could it be that Amy was brought to them for a reason?

My Thoughts:
Spinning Out of Control is a perfect inspirational read for a Sunday afternoon. McDonough does a wonderful job portraying struggles fro the time period. Her characters are strong and even in the shortness of the book, you become fond of them. This is a great short inspirational. Pick it up if you need a daily dose.

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