The Summer of You by Kate Noble *Lisa’s Review*

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The Summer of You by Kate Noble *Lisa’s Review*The Summer of You by Kate Noble
Series: The Blue Raven #2
Published by Berkley
Genres: Adult, Historical, Historical Romance, Romance
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Collection
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Lady Jane Cummings is certain that her summer is ruined when she is forced to reside at isolated Merrymere Lake with her reckless brother and ailing father. Her fast-paced London society is replaced with a small town grapevine. But one bit of gossip catches Jane's attention- rumors that the lake's brooding new resident is also an elusive highwayman.

Jane must face the much discussed mysterioso after he saves her brother from a pub brawl. She immediately recognizes him from London: Byrne Worth, war hero and apparent hermit-whom she finds strangely charming. The two build a fast friendship, and soon nothing can keep this Lady away from Merrymere's most wanted. Convinced of his innocence, Jane is determined to clear Byrne's name-and maybe have a little fun this summer after all. - via GoodReads

5 Stars

Lady Jane Cummings’ summer has started off terribly wrong. Her brother Jason, absent for the last year, has returned home to send Jane and her ill father away from the busy city life in London to their summer home in Merrymere. Yet Jane refuses to go without Jason. She can no longer manage their father, who is forgetting where he is and who his own children are and she is tired of feeling utterly alone. Once they arrive in Merrymere, she befriends her neighbor Byrne Wroth who despite his grumpy demeanor, Jane finds attractive and charming. Byrne fought in the war where he was injured and now uses a cane to help his walk, which makes him an oddity to the people in town. Jane finds out that Byrne has been shunned from the community and labeled the “highwayman” wanted for the recent crimes that have been committed. In Jane’s attempt to clear his name and find the real highwayman, Jane and Byrne become more intimate and closer than they ever expected. Jane’s summer may not be so bad after all.

Historical romances are wonderful to read because some of them can take you to a time when romance was beyond sweet and tender. It isn’t about an overwhelming passion but rather a gently story about the electricity with a simple brush of your hand or the innocent joys of a first kiss. embodies this ideal. Jane has had her season in London filled with excitement and danger. Yet Byrne gives her the opportunity to grow up, finding a lifelong companion and mature love. They are two lost souls, both going through life’s miseries, using each other to find a peaceful companionship. This of course develops into something more and from there it is entirely too easy to become engrossed in this charming fairytale.

Theirs is an innocent love story that develops slowly. With each chapter, the underlying passion between them begins to build and the sweet anticipation for a first kiss makes the book even more enjoyable to read. The passion is a slow simmer that both try to deny for their own reasons, but ultimately it becomes impossible.

“Then why do you not avail yourself of the way out? I’ve given you permission to end you little rehabilitation project and consider me a lost cause! Hell, I’ve given you ample reason today!”

“You are not a lost cause! And you’re not a….a project to me!”

“The what am I, Jane? If I’m not a lost cause or a project, you don’t pity me, and won’t hate me, then what else is there?”

He held her gaze then, saw the rise and fall of her chest as her breath came hard and heavy. He felt every nerve in his body come alive every sensation pool at the base of his spine, as he repeated…

“What else is there?”

He saw it then, in her eyes. The awareness of what he was asking. The answer.

Noble has an extremely rare and wonderful talent for writing. She writes with such description, and detail it is breathtaking, yet not overwhelmingly so that you loose the overall beauty of the story. You become familiarized with the town and it’s people and easily visualize this world in your mind. She writes characters with many varied personalities and about many different issues in this book. You find yourself not only caring about the hero and the heroine, but the other characters as well. Basically, she writes a book you can become utterly lost in, able to read from cover to cover in one sitting.

She immerses you into a wonderful world of characters and you are rewarded with a charming, dazzling story. Some characters you will love, some you will hate, but all of it blends together flawlessly in order to create a wonderful story. Nobel will take you away to another time and place of enchantment and pure delight. A place where summer love became a love that would last forever. This book is a stunningly beautiful read that will make you sigh and make you smile at the charm of a simple romance. I would find it near impossible for anyone to not love this story.



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