Random Ramblings: After the Finish

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Random Ramblings is a post that allows Lisa and I to talk about something, really anything, that we feel is worthy of attention. It could be a movie we’ve seen recently, a current song/band that’s rocking our world or something book related that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else on the site.

This month I want to talk about what you do after you finish reading a book. If you’re lucky, you have someone nearby you can swap with. Say a good friend, or in my case my mother. If you’re luckier still you actually have a used bookstore nearby. Thankfully, I still live near my mom and we swap books regularly; however, we don’t have a UBS close by. Ok. I lied. My small town has one but they don’t have anything in my tastes and I’m pretty sure they don’t know what the genre romance is.

So what do you do when your options are so limited? I turn to the Internet! Below you’ll find three of my favorite sites and what I like about each of them.


BookMooch is great for finding mostly older books that you’re wanting to read. I use BookMooch when I am trying to hunt down a new to me author’s backlist. I prefer this site over others because you can choose who sends you the book. This allows you to see their shipping history and their feedback score from other requesters. The downsides to BookMooch are that they don’t have newer releases and there aren’t as many members as there are at other sites. Shippers can choose when to send it and there are no time restrictions. If someone hasn’t shipped your book than you can always cancel and it does reflect poorly on them. Overall, BookMooch has the feel of a “mom and pop” store.


I’ve been using Paperbackswap for a few years now. The site has a lot to offer and almost any title you can think of. Newer releases get listed faster here. Their wishlist feature is also very user friendly. If you haven’t ever swapped your old books on-line before, PBS is a very user friendly site that walks you through step by step on how to do almost anything. You can also buy credits if you’re books aren’t flying off the shelves fast enough. The downsides? You can get any book you want but you have no clue what kind of person is sending it to you. To some people that may not matter, but I like to know how many books they’ve cancelled on or books of theirs that have gotten lost in the mail. Overall, I’ve had 95% good trades on PBS and will continue to use it. I would compare this site to Wal-Mart. They have a lot of stuff and they’re mostly reliable.

Better Than Chocolate Book Co 

Better Than Chocolate Book Co is a lovely on-line used bookstore. You can trade in your books and buy used books too! I thankfully stumbled upon it when I went exploring on a message board that I frequent. I have ordered several books from the owner and have had wonderful luck. Currently, I’m stocking up some of my books so that I can trade them in. It’s a great site and I can’t recommend it enough. Check out the website for more details on trading policies and purchasing information.

I hope that you might have found a new site to use, especially if you don’t have anything readily available to you.

So how about you? What do you do with your books after you have read them?



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