Monthly Archives: August 2010

Ghost Moon by Karen Robards *Stephanie’s Review*

Olivia Morrison has been summoned home by her dear Aunt Callie. Aunt Callie is ill and Olivia’s grandfather, Big John, is getting on in years. Olivia decides nine years away from the one place she knew as home is long enough. She and her daughter Sara go home to the LaAngelle Plantation she called home as a child. The last night she was in the […]

Evermore by Alyson Noel *Alexa’s Review*

I have mixed feelings about this book and that’s putting it lightly. I loved the concept for this book and I remember buying it more than a year ago when it came out. I finally got around to reading this book and was shocked most of the way through the pages. I wasn’t shocked because I was enjoying the book I was shocked as all […]

The Horror of Romance

  Another addition to the Horror of Romance files:  Stephanie’s Thoughts: Alright, we’ve picked on the 80’s enough, but believe me there’s still plenty more horrid covers from the 80’s that we haven’t even begun to touch yet! 🙂 This month, I wanted to find something a little more modern. When I found this cover, my first reaction was huh?! So then I read the […]

Author Spotlight: Maria V. Snyder

The author I chose to highlight this month is Maria V. Snyder.  Maria primarily writes paranormal/fantasy. It depends on how you classify it. I classify it as fantasy romance. I’ve read the Study series and the romance is very subtle. She currently has 6 titles to her name and a new release hitting stores September 1st. I picked up Magic Study at an eHarlequin sale and started the Study series. […]

Body Master by CJ Barry *Lisa’s Review*

Body Master is a clever mix of paranormal romance with a little bit of science fiction weirdness to make for a pretty intriguing novel! Fast paced action, sexy characters and a fresh take on the paranormal world make this a must read! Seneca Thomas is an XCEL agent whose job is to capture rouge shapeshifters that have recently invaded the planet. Shapeshifters that have been […]