By the Cover 8/10/10

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How many of us love to stand in a bookstore and just stare at all the gorgeous book covers? Go on raise your hand you know you do! But we aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover. A really pretty cover; however, can drag us in all the same. We’ll be picking out some of our favorite covers and displaying them here for you. To be honest, we may not know whether or not the book is any good but if the cover is anything to go by…..

Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen

Book Description from GoodReads:

As Charlotte drew closer to the looming grey edifice that was to become her temporary home, she could not help but notice the secretive shuttered windows. Then she noticed the milkweeds….

Even a proper vicar’s daughter can make a mistake–and now Charlotte Lamb must pay a high price for her fall. To avoid the prying eyes of all who know her, she hides herself away in London’s forbidding “Milkweed Manor,” a place of mystery and lore, of old secrets and new birth.

But once there, she comes face to face with a suitor from her past–a man who now hides secrets of his own. Both are determined, with God’s help, to protect those they love. But neither can imagine the depth of sacrifice that will be required.

Sprinkled with fascinating details about the lives of women in Regency England, Lady of Milkweed Manor is a moving romantic drama about the redemption of past failings and the beauty of sacrificial love.

Stephanie’s Thoughts: I was flipping through some of my older RT Magazines when I saw an ad for this book in the Inspirational section. The cover is beautiful. There’s something about the sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows. The character on the front of the book looks like she is quite in deep thought and it made me want to know what about. Inspirational isn’t my first choice in reading but every once in awhile the mood strikes me. I plan to find a copy of this book somewhere and add it to Mt. Read Me. See what a pretty cover can do!



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