Sudden Death by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*



Megan Elliott is a very successful special agent in the FBI. She takes her cases personally and she never gives up. Never. Megan currently heads the Violent Crimes/Major Offender Squad for the FBI. She takes her job very seriously and runs everything by the book. She doesn’t even bend the rules.

Jack Kincaid is a soldier-for-hire. He only takes jobs that are for the greater good. He has a team he trusts and he knows they would never fail him on a job. He doesn’t play by the rules but rather follows his heart and the consequences be damned. Jack is still trying to put right something that happened so many years ago and was beyond his control. He hasn’t been home, except for weddings and funerals, for 20 years.

Now a vicious pair of killers are cutting a bloody path through the United States killing veterans of the elite Delta Force. If it wasn’t bad enough that they are killing these men who have served for their country, the men are being taped to a chair and brutally tortured before being shot execution style. Megan gets involved in the Sacramento murder and Jack becomes involved when someone near and dear is murdered by the pair.

Can Megan and Jack work together to stop these serial killers before they strike again? Both must make compromises if they want to catch and stop them.

Brennan delivers again. I have read most of her back list and I am always amazed by the plots she creates. She includes high drama and tension with a satisfying ending. Who could ask for more? With Sudden Death, I wasn’t scarred or terrified as I have been before. I was more grossed out. The killers’ particular brand of torture is a personal flip out factor for me. It is very effective and I have no doubt that it could truly be done, it just creeps me out.

Both Megan and Jack are strong characters are they know their own morals and values. They also know which ones they can let bend a little to get the end result that they want. Their attraction is instantaneous but neither wants to bring down that wall of professionalism to explore it….until that wall gets blown apart by desire. Overall this was a great book and one that I think most romantic suspense junkies will appreciate.

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