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Scaling Mt. Read Me 7/15/10

Scaling Mt. Read Me is a new feature where we will be pulling a few books that have ended up in the never ending TBR and spotlighting them here. Some of us can’t admit to having a to be read “pile” as it has exploded into it’s own mountain range, hence the name Mt. Read Me. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve selected Jackson Rule […]

And Able by Lucy Monroe *Stephanie’s Review*

“They’re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They’ll get the job done – if the price is right and so is the cause. Meet three sexy men who individually are READY, WILLING, AND ABLE to got the distance – and together, are unstoppable…” Brett “Hotwire” Adams has met his match in Claire Sharp. Brett is a former mercenary. He is starting up a security […]

They Said What??? 7/12/10

This post is real simple…a few of our favorite quotes from our recent reads! LISA’S FAVORITE QUOTES THIS MONTH: Quote #1: By Storm Dance from Cherokee Storm When our innocent young heroine is caught pleasuring herself by her hunky Native American beau: Tears of laughter rolled from his eyes and streaked his cheeks. “Stop it. Stop laughing at me.” “Such games are for girls,” he […]

Random Ramblings: Book Organization Tools

Random Ramblings is a new feature to Once Upon a Chapter. This section will allow Lisa and I to talk about something, really anything, that we fell is worthy of attention. It could be a movie we’ve seen recently, a current song/band that’s rocking our world or something book related that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else on the site. This month I’ve chosen to talk […]

Tender Is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey*Lisa’s Review*

Sharisee Hammond had resigned herself to marry Joel Parrington, the man her father had arranged for her. Though she did not love the man, she would never complain and always do what her father expected of her. That was until her younger sister Stephanie told her of her undying love for Joel and how miserable she would be is Sharisee married him. When their father […]